Good Books/ Bad Covers #5

Good Books / Bad Covers is a new feature/weekly meme here at Bookish Wanderess. The idea behind it is to say “Hey, I know this book has a really bad cover, but the book itself is really good. You should read it!” So every monday I will be choosing one book or book series that I read and really liked, but it has a really bad cover, and I will talk about why that book deserves a chance even if the cover is so bad that I wouldn’t pick the book up in a bookstore even if it was free. Everyone is welcome to join this meme, I just ask that you link back to me in your post.

Hi guys! I’m glad to be back doing Good Books / Bad Covers! If you read my blog regularlly or follow me on twitter, you will know by now that I’m obssesed with fantasy books, both YA and adult. So I think it comes as no surprise that this week I chose another fantasy series to be on my Good Books/ Bad Covers post.  I just love these books so much, that I would hate for someone not to read them because they have ugly covers.  The series I chose is the Fire and Thorns series by  Rae Carson. 

This is one of my favorite YA fantasy series of all times, I love so many things about it! Sadly, when you look at the covers, the greatness of the series get lost in the horrible backgrounds and creepy faces. Seriously, I would  not pick up this on a bookstore/library. 

With this covers, I understand why someone may not pick this series up in a bookstore. Before I give you the reason why I think you should ingore the covers and read the books, I’ gonna leave this here, it’s a list I wrote of 10 reason why you should read the first book “The Girl of Fire and Thorn”.  Now, let’s get started about why you should forget the covers and read the entire series: 

– There are a lot of amazing female characters through the series. They represent all kinds of girls and that’s amazing. 

– The main characters are POC, even if it’s a fantasy world, the readers can tell that most of the characters are latinxs, which is great! 

– The romance is amazing, it’s definitely a slow-burn romance that doesn’t start until “The Crown of Embers”. 

– If you like character development, this book is perfect for you, because the main character Elisa, goes through a lot of it. 

– There are a lot of great secondary characters, especially, Storm. You are just gonna love him, trust me! 

– There’s a really strong political aspect to this series that makes it really entertaining. There’s a lot of political intrigue and maneuvering. 

– Elisa is a Chosen One, but she has known all her life, so it’s really interesting to see the effects that has on her, all her doubts and the conflict of destiny vs choice. 

– There’s an aspect of body issues that’s really well handled in this series, which it’s rarely seen in fantasy. 

And that’s it!  If you haven’t given this book a chance because of its cover, please do it!

I hope you enjoyed this post! If you make a Good Books/ Bad Covers post, please let me know in the comments, I would love to check it out! 


6 thoughts on “Good Books/ Bad Covers #5

  1. hahaha – it's funny because I think I held out so long on getting my hands on this series precisely because the covers were so lame XD But then the praise kept coming in AND I found a cover from another region I MUCH prefered so I ended up ordering it. I still have yet to read it but I WILL do so soon. From what you describe here, I know I'm in for a treat!!


  2. I actually think that these covers were just okay. I mean, they're shiny and all. LOL. I like the fonts tho. Okay, not that very cool, but they're not that bad either and I've been planning to get these for a very long time now. Now you've just convinced me to get them. Great post! 🙂

    – Erika @ The Nocturnal Fey


  3. This is a great idea for a blog feature! I feel like I've never not read a book that sounded interesting because of the cover, but I've definitely just passed by book without even reading the blurb because of the covers. And it is a shame when there's a good book hiding inside a bad cover. I would definitely pass by these books at the store too, but they do sound like they've got a lot of great things in them! I'm glad you gave them a chance and enjoyed them. I'll go check out the blurb 🙂


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