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I have realised that a lot of times I end up shipping secondary couple (A.K.A the couples that don’t involve the main characters of the book) more or at least the same amount than the main couples. It’s just that I always want to know more about them, because as readers we always know a lot about the main couples( how they got together, what they do when they are together, what they fight about and things like that) and I’m always wishing to know those kind of things about secondary couples. Honestely, I think the reason why I like secondary couples is because we get so little information abou them that I’m left really intrigued.

Here are some of my favorite secondary couples (I would read entire series about these characters and their relationships if those books existed!):

Chubs and Vida (The Darkest Minds Series by Alexandra Bracken) 
They are the first couple I think about when I think about secondary couples. I wish there was more about them in the books, because it would make me extremely happy. Also, I just need to know what happened in the roadtrip they took. I JUST NEED TO KNOW!

Morrigan Azriel/ Cassian and Nesta (A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J. Maas)

These were the couples that inspired this list, because I just read this book and it reminded me that a lot of times the secondary couples intrigued me more than the main couple (it’s not that I like them more or that I don’t ship Rhys and Feyre!). It’s just that we get a lot of Rhys and Feyre and I wanted to know more about the other couples. Also, I just wanted to say that the Target bonus chapter was the best thing ever and I’m so glad we got more of Cassian and Nesta.

Dorian and Manon / Aedion and Lysandra (Queen of Shadows by Sarah J, Maas) 

Sarah J, Maas is definitely a queen of secondary couples. I think that’s one of the reasons I enjoy her books so much, she just gives me so many couples to ship. I don’t know why I always ship more the couples she tell us less about (in this case Aedion and Lysandra). But also, I can’t wait to see Manon in love in the next book. I CAN’T WAIT!
Eddie and Jill ( Bloodlines Series by Richelle Mead) 
I think they woud have been such a great main couple for a series. Actually,  I feel like that with almost every couple in this list. I always like them individually as characters, especially Eddie, and I always wanted to know more about them together, but in the books there was so little information. 

Blake and Ginger (The Sweet Trilogy by Wendy Higgins) 
I was obsessed with them when I read this trilogy. I loved Ginger as a character, but I also liked the dynamic between this two, even if they were so different from each other.  

Tell me about your favorite secondary couples in the comments, I would love to know! 

2 thoughts on “Favorite Secondary Couples | Bookish List

  1. I definitely ship Mor/Azriel and want to know more about them! Cassian and Nesta are super intriguing and I want them to hook up too! Even though Lucien was a bit of a nob in ACOMAF, I'm really curious about him and Elain too 🙂

    100% agree on Dorian and Manon, even as there only started to be little hints of them, I was already shipping it! Lyssandra and Aedion need to happen as well! Gah! SJM will be the death of me XD


  2. I'm a sucker for secondary character relationships! I think I get more attached to them than I do the real couples sometimes. I suppose that is why I enjoy books that have sequels with those secondary characters.

    Chubs and Vida were definitely a highlight for me with the Darkest Minds Trilogy. I didn't really love the series but I enjoyed those two together.

    And Jill and Eddie, sigh, waited a LONG time for that one!

    Lauren @ SERIESous Book Reviews #Commenting365


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