Bookish Posts Around the Web

Bookish Posts Around the Web #5

Hi guys! This is my first week of winter break and I have been catching up with a bunch of my favorite blogs. This are some amazing bookish post that I have found around the web. 
1. I found this amazing post that captures my feelings about  3 stars books perfectly : “Meh” books; hard to review, impossible to recommend posted by Esther @Chapter Adventures. 
2. This is one of the coolest and most useful post that I have found in a while. It’s a perfect convination of amazing content and beautiful graphics. A to Z: A Guide to Finding Your Perfect 2017 Book was posted @The Book Voyagers. 

3. This one is not a post, it’s a thread on twitter that I found inspiring and educational. Check it out! 

4. As always in this feature, here is an incredibly funny post by Cait @Paper Fury. She’s just amazing, let’s accept that. 10 Reasons I’ll Decide to Read that Book (and narya kraken in the seven seas will stop me)

5. Lastely, I found an amazing Gift Guide for Booklovers posted by the lovely Sarah @ Sarah’s Chapter. There’s so many pretty and bookish things in that post. I want them all! 

If you read or wrote an amazing post this week, don’t be shy! Leave me the link in the comments, I would love to check it out.

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