Bookish Post Around the Web #6

Hi guys! This week was amazing. I found a few blogs that post about diverse books and I think that’s so important, so I wanted to promote them and their content. I love diverse books and I added a lot of books to my TBR thanks to some of these post. If you are interested I hope you check them out. Also, there are some post that I included because I found them interesting and useful. I hope you enjoy this post! 

1. I was looking for diverse books to add to my tbr and I found Maha on twitter. Her latest post was about her  7 most anticipated diverse reads of 2017  and there were so many wonderful books in that list that I knew inmidiately that I needed to follow her and share her post with you guys. 

2. I found another list of amazing recommendations about Books with Muslim Protagonist  posted in the amazing blog The Book Thieves. 

3. More and more diverse books, that’s what we need! 

4. This time of years is just perfect for list about anticipated releases, I found them in so many blogs, but one of my favorites is 2017 Releases on my Radar. So many book to add to my TBR. 
5. I thought the next post was so useful! Here are some Gift Idead for Friends Who Don’t Read (Spilers: They’re All Books) 

One thought on “Bookish Post Around the Web #6

  1. We certainly do NEED more diverse books so thanks for posting these^^ I wish we have even more diversity in fantasy reads since (as you know) that's basically all I read LOL! Have a lovely week my friend ♥


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