2017 Reading Challenges


It’s that time of the year when we have to choose the challenges in which we are gonna participate in. After thinking about for a few days, I chose to participate in 4 challenges hosted by other people and one challenge that I will be hosting that’s part reading challenge and part blogging challenge. I have participated in one of these challenges before, the rest are new to me and I’m excited to see how I do. 

This year I want to try and be more involved in the part of the challenges that’s more community oriented. Last yeat I read the books and kept track of how I was doing in each challenge and I shared that in  my wrap up, but I rarely linked my wrap ups or reviews in host’s blog, I rarely commented in others people posts that were related to the challenges, I never participated in a twitter chat. It’s like I participated, but not really. I want to change that this year. 

Here are the challenges I’m paticipating in: 

1.  Diversity Bingo 2017

I have been saying for a while that I want to read more diversely, but it’s only in the last couple of weeks that I feel like I have been making a consious effort to accomplish that goal. I want to keep working in 2017 to read more diverse books and specially more #ownvoices books, that’s why I decided to participate in the Diverse Bingo 2017. The idea is to cover all the squares within the course of a year. It was created by a bunch of wonderful people of twitter (you can find out who, if you click in the image).
At the end of 2017, I will have read 36 diverse books and that’s really exciting.

2. Beat the Backlist 

As weird as it may sound, I usually read more backlist books than new releases in a year. Because of that I joined a challenge to read backlist books in 2016 and this year I also wanted to participate in a similar challenge and that’s why I joined this challenge hosted @ Novel Knight. My goal is to read 30 backlist books in 2017, even if I think I will read more based on the amount of backlist books I read in 2016.

Also, I will participate in the Hogwarts House Cup Mini challenge that’s tied to the Beat the Backlist challenge. My house is ravenclaw. You get points for your house based on the backlist books you read and every month a house wins the house cup.

3. Flights of Fantasy 

This challenge is hosted by Alexa @ Alexa Loves Books and Rachel @ Hello, Chelly. The idea is to choose a certain number of fantasy books and see if you can read them in a year. Last year, I participated in this one and I even participated for a while in the Flights of Fantasy Book Club. My goal for 2016 was 30 books and I didn’t complete that goal, but I did read 27 fantasy books. I was so close! Lately I haven’t been reading as much fnatasy as I used to and that’s why I didn’t complete the goal.

For 2017, I’m lowering the number of fantasy books I want to read and that’s why my goal is to 20 fantasy books in 2017.

4. Goodreads challenge 

The last two years I set a goal of 52 books in my Goodreads challenge, which means 1 book per week. In 2015, I read 55 books and in 2016 I read 100 books. I have been thinking about this for a while and I decided that I will try to read 80 books in 2017. I think that I will read more, but I want to push myself a little without putting to much pressure in myself.

5.The Pride and Prejudice Project

This is a sort of challenge that I will be hosting, the idea is to post once a month a review of a book that is based on or is a sort retelling of Pride and Prejudice or maybe a review for a movie adaptation or a TV show or a web series based on Pride and prejudice.


To know more, here’s the original post  

Do you participate in challenges? What  2017 challenges are you participating in? Are you participating in any of the challenges I mentioned above? 


7 thoughts on “2017 Reading Challenges

  1. I'm not participating in any official challenges, besides Goodreads, but I do have some other bookish goals and one is to read more diversely! That's awesome you're participating in DiversityBingo2017! I've never heard of the Pride and Prejudice challenge, but it sounds fun! I confess, I love the Kiera Knightly Pride and Prejudice movie the most!

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  2. The only book challenge I normally do is the Goodreads one, although I've set a couple ones that I'm going to do intermittently and let myself finish whenever – I'm doing the Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge and then one I created myself where I read a ton of Newbery winners. I really should try the Diversity Bingo one, though. I'm always trying to read more diverse books and authors, and it would be nice to have some concrete goals in that area.

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  3. I didn't make it an official challenge last year but I mainly focused on reading backlisted books and I did really great 😀 It felt awesome to get long term tbr items off my list and I read lots of brilliant books. Although I hardly read any new releases because of it LOL! Good luck with your challenges here and happy 2017! xx

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    1. Until last year I only participated in the GR challenge, but I had fun in 2016 doing more challenges. I will see how it goes this year. If I’m not enjoying a challenge, I won’t force myself to complete it.

      Also, I definitely need to challenge myself to read more books I own, my kindle is full of books that I bought on a whim and never read.

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  4. Goodreads is the only standing challenge I have for myself year to year. This year the goal is 100. I think I can do this because I read around 120 books last year, which fell short of my goal but was still respectable.

    The only other one I’m actively trying to do is also the Diverse Bingo one and I’m happy about it because there are some quite diverse squares that I never even thought of.


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