September/October/November Wrap Up

I was gone for a bit and that means I haven’t posted wrap ups in the last three months. I thought it was a good time to catch up! 

1. Be with Me by Jennifer L.  Armentrout (3 stars) 

I didn’t remember reading this book until I read the sypnosis and what I remember is really vague.  So I think that says enough about it. I don’t think there was anything particulary wrong with it, I just didn’t find anything special in it either. 

2. Ciudad de Payasos  (City of Clowns) by Daniel Alarcon & Sheila Alvarado (5 Stars)

I loved this graphic novel! A latinamerican author and a latinoamerican ilustrator telling an  interesting and heartfelt story with an amazing portrait of Peru. If you want to read it, there’s a english version. 

3. Fear the Drowning Deep by Sarah Gleen Marsh (4 Stars) 

I was part of the blog tour for this book. I really liked it, it was a very atmospheric book. You can check my review here.

4. Undecided by Julianna Keyes (3,5 stars)

I liked this one, it was really funny and if you don’t read the sypnosis, your gonna find that something happens that it’s not really what you would expect from a new adult book. 

5. Empire of Storms by Sarah J. Maas (5 stars) 

I loved this! I can recognize the problematic aspects of this book, but I still loved reading it (and I don’t know how to feel about that). Anyway, I love Sarah’s writing and I love the fact that this book was full of dramatic moments, I always love books were the characters know how to put on a ‘show’ and where symbolism is so important. 

6-15. Addicted to You/ Calloway Sisters Series by Krista and Becca Riccie (Overall rating: 4.5 – 4.7 stars)

I read this series for the first time in july and I loved it! So, I re-read it at the end of october and beginning of november. This is my favortie new adult series. Before re-reading it, I had only re-read the Harry Potter series. I have never re-read other book or series in my life, so that’s how much I loved this series, and what surprised me most was that I loved it more the second time around. Check what I said about it before, here.

16. The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath (3,7 stars) 

Finally! After 3 tries I finally read this. I have to say that some things felt really relatable to be at this particular time in my life. The writing was great and  the way mental illness was talked about was right, I don’t know how else to put it, it was just right. It has a dislikeble main characters, but her story is still very interesting. 

RockMyTBR:  The Bell Jar (19/12)
Flights of Fantasy: Empire of Storms, Fear the Drowning Deep  ( 22/ 30 )
Backlist Books: The Bell Jar, Ciudad de Payasos, Be with Me (50/ 20)

Finishing the Series:   (2/3-6)  

I have one month left and I need to read 6 fantasy  books to finish the FOF challenge (I already read 2 more fantasy books in december), I’m surprise because I didn’t think that reading 30 fantasy book was gonna be a problem for me, but I had a fantasy reading slump for a while. Another spoiler, I already acomplish the Finish the Series challenge.  I only need to read those 6 fantasy books to complete all my reading challenges. I’m excited! I think I can make it. 

Have you read any of this books? Did you ike them? Tell me what books did you read and loved lately! Also, how are you doing with your challenges for this year? Do you think you are gonna complete them? 

Bookish Posts Around the Web #5

Hi guys! This is my first week of winter break and I have been catching up with a bunch of my favorite blogs. This are some amazing bookish post that I have found around the web. 
1. I found this amazing post that captures my feelings about  3 stars books perfectly : “Meh” books; hard to review, impossible to recommend posted by Esther @Chapter Adventures. 
2. This is one of the coolest and most useful post that I have found in a while. It’s a perfect convination of amazing content and beautiful graphics. A to Z: A Guide to Finding Your Perfect 2017 Book was posted @The Book Voyagers. 

3. This one is not a post, it’s a thread on twitter that I found inspiring and educational. Check it out! 

4. As always in this feature, here is an incredibly funny post by Cait @Paper Fury. She’s just amazing, let’s accept that. 10 Reasons I’ll Decide to Read that Book (and narya kraken in the seven seas will stop me)

5. Lastely, I found an amazing Gift Guide for Booklovers posted by the lovely Sarah @ Sarah’s Chapter. There’s so many pretty and bookish things in that post. I want them all! 

If you read or wrote an amazing post this week, don’t be shy! Leave me the link in the comments, I would love to check it out.

4 Bookish Confessions (& a few unpopular opinions)

bookish confessions and a few unpopular opinions

After the very personal post that I shared yesterday, I feel like more personal and honest post about my opinions is something that I want to do. So here are four of my bookish confessions, some of which are unpopular opinions as well.

1) I don’t like bookstagram: what I mean is it’s just not for me. I’m sorry, but it’s true! I know there’s so many people that love bookstagram and I think that’s amazing, but for me the pictures are pretty and that’s it! I have no interest in spending my time watching pictures of books, I just don’t and it’s a personal preference. BUT I think it’s completely OK if other people want to do it!

The only thing that has me a bit worried is that the ‘bookstagram trend’ is taking over a lot of blogs. I mean I have noticed that lately some bloggers worry more about the pictures that go with the blog post than the actual written content. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I go to blogs because I want to read the bloggers opinions, comments, recommendations, not because I want to see pretty pictures of books. I love blogs that do both things – pretty pictures and great content- but if I had to choose, I would choose content over pictures everytime.

2)  I’m not enjoying booktube lately: I just go through periods of time where I get bored of watching the same books, the same tags, the same kind of videos in every channel. It gets a bit frustrating and – again- boring. I usually get over my ‘booktube slump’ after a few weeks of not watching so much booktube videos. But I  would still like to subscribe to more people that create unique book related content (let me know in the comments if you have recs, please!). Right now, the only booktuber I have been enjoying is The Book Hoarder, because she has been making very different types of videos.

3) I can’t listen to audiobooks without following the words in a page: I don’t know if I’m the only person this happens to, but I just can’t concentrate otherwise. It sucks! That’s the reason I don’t listen to audiobooks, I have tried a few times and I just can’t listen to the narrator and follow what he/she is saying without also reading the words.  The most I have listen to an audiobook is 50%, when I was reading Yes Please by Amy Poehler, when I reached that point in the book I decided it was pointless to keep listening if I had to follow the words in the page.

4) I have discovered that I don’t really enjoy ARCs:  Maybe that’s not the best way to put it. I LOVE ARCs. What I mean is that usually I get an ARC and I may really want to read it…sometime…like in the future. But it’s very likely that I won’t want to read it when they give it to me, because I’m a total mood reader. So if I’m not in the mood for a book, it’s likely that I won’t enjoy it because I’m reading it just to review it before the release date. That’s usually what happens when I get an ARC, I end up feeling guilty and reading it even if I don’t want to and I just end up not enjoying the book as much.

That’s it! Those were my four bookish confessions, let me know if you agree o disagree with me! Also, tell me some of your bookish confessions in the comments, or maybe some of your unpopular opinions.

Anxiety Sucks A.K.A the reason I have been gone

Hi guys! I’m so glad to be back! If you have been following this blog for a while, you probably know that from time to time I take these unannounced hiatuses. If you haven’t been following that long or you just didn’t notice, I do the ‘unannounced hiatus’ thing from time to time. Usually, when I come back form these hiatuses I say something like “I have been really busy with school,with work,with life in general” or something along those lines. But today I’m writing a really scary post, because I’m gonna share a part of my life that I usually don’t talk about that much. Not even in ‘real’ life (I am getting better at sharing and talking about it in my day to day life with the people around me, but I didn’t use to do it).

So here’s what I want to say, I have had anxiety as long as I can remember. I didn’t always know how to called it or what it was, actually I thought it was ‘normal’ for a long time. In recent years I have come to accept it as a part of my life and I felt I was getting really good at handling it. Nonetheless, the last few months proved me absolutely wrong. My anxiety has been worst than at any other time in my life,  the last two months (a little more, maybe) have been so incredibly hard.
I have always gotten stressed easily, which makes my anxiety so much worst, or my anxiety makes me feel stress easily? I’m not sure. Lately, things have gotten a lot worst. I have been getting stressed by the smallest things and the situation usually gets out of my control SO fast. Within minutes I lose the capability of having rational thoughts and actually looking for solutions to my problems. I just don’t see a way out of them. That’s why things like school,  work, my blog and life in general get so hard for me to handle, and I end up having to give something up -usually my blog- for a while.  On top of all the stress and not seeing a way out for the smallest problems, I have been moody, I have been passing none stop, actually I have been moving none stop (my hands, my feet, I just can’t stop!), I have been feeling like I need to eat every few minutes, I feel like crying several times a day. Honestly, I  have been feeling like my life is getting out of control.
The usual way I release my anxiety is by crying. In the past, I  just started crying when I couldn’t take the feeling of ‘something crawling out of my chest’ anymore. So I would cry for a little bit, not often, just from time to time and I was alright. The first sign that this time my anxiety was getting to a really bad point or at least the first sign that worried me, was that I was having this crying ‘attacks’ -I don’t know how else to called them- more often. More that once a week, which it’s a lot more than normal for me, I would need to cry to feel better and that just doesn’t feel like something healthy to do. At least not anymore.
I always thought that my anxiety was too ‘normal’ – I mean too close to what most people feel in stressful situations- but recentely I have realised that it surpased that point and that I really need to do something about it. I have been doing some things that make me feel better (I will talk about them in another post) and right now, I’m looking at my options regarding  profesional help. It’s just that I’m a really quiet person and it gives me anxiety just to think that I have to go and talk to someone. I don’t know yet,  I’m considering it.  But like I said, for now I have found other ways to feel better. So that’s good! And I’m feeling better, especially since I’m on winter break. So don’t worry!
This got long and way too personal. I hope you don’t mind, I think I just needed to write all of that. I needed to be honest before starting to post the usual bookish things again.  If anyone feels like this and needs to talk, whenever you need, I’m here.