Reading Challenges Update- February 2017


Every month, I post an update of how I’m doing in the challenges that I’m participatin in. If you want to know my brief thoughts about any of the books in this post, you can check out my February 2017 Wrap Up.


This month I read 8 book that fit into squares for the diversity bingo 2017 and they are all #ownvoices. I have read 14 book for this challenge and the goal is to fill the 36 squares. (14/36)



108f7-btbchallengesliderMy goal for this challenge is to read 30 backlist books this year and to count towards the challenge the book has to have been realese before 2017. I read 8 books in february that count towards this challenge, which means that in 2017 I ahve read a total of 15 books that count towards this challenge. (15/30) 




My goal for this challenge is to read 20 fantasy books in 2017. I read 2 fantasy book in february, which takes my total count to 4. (4/20) 



I want to read a total of 80 books in 2017. I read 10 books  in february and that means I have read 17 so far in 2017 and I’m 4  books ahead of schedule.


Are you participating in any challenge? How are you doing? Have you read any of the books on this post? Did you like them? If you posted an update for yur challenges, leave me a link! 

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4 thoughts on “Reading Challenges Update- February 2017

  1. I’ve actually got If The Dress Fits on my TBR for Diversity Bingo, so quite excited about that book! Haven’t done a post about the challenge though, I really need to sit down this weekend and do some blogging 😀 . I’ve read 13 books that fit the Bingo Sheet so far.

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