Update: I’m back!

life update 2

I have written this post a couple times and then I don’t actually come back to blogging. The last few months have not been the best and I’m a bit unsure about posting this because I feel like I’m complaning and that’s not what I want to do. Nontheless, I do want to share what has happened in my life during this time with whoever is still reading my blog and that’s why I’m posting this. This is going to be a really personal update, because I have been gone entirely do to personal reasons.

  • I think in my last update we left off with the fact that I broke up with my boyfriend after two and a half years together. After that, I had the worst month, my anxiety always gets really bad when I’m in emotional distress, not only was I sad and had terrible anxiety, I got phisically sick. IT WAS LITERALLY THE WORST MONTH. But, after six months, I’m feeling better about the break up.
  • After that I started my internship, which I did not liked at all at the beginning, because I was not learning as much as I wanted to. I’m still not learning as much as I want to, but I have changed my attitude and I’m trying not to be disappointed and frustrated, instead  I’m making the best of the situation and learning what I can. Also, my co-workers are great, so that’s been good.
  • Also, during this six months, I was trying to finish my thesis which was a continous source of anxiety in my life for the last year. BUT NOW IS OVER!!! This is a big reason I’m gonna start blogging again, I finished my thesis and I defended it and the jury approved it! I’M DONE WITH MY THESIS …I REPEAT, I’M DONE WITH MY THESIS!

Internship + thesis + breakup have made this last six months stressful and sad. Also, my anxiety got to uncontrollable levels during this time.Those are the reasons I have not been  blogging and I actually stopped reading as well for a long time.  BUT as I said, I’m feeling better and not everything has been bad, I have been hanging out with my friends a lot, which I love to do, and I met this guy who is great. Also, I finished my thesis, which is fantastic, and things at work have been looking up. My anxiety is better.  AND I have been wanting to blog again after months of not having any desire to do it. So here I am.

In the next weeks, I will be posting my favorite books of the year, most disappointing books, a wrap up, a review. There’s a lot coming and I’m excited to be back. Let me links to your favorite posts of the last few months (that you or other people wrote) I would love to read them! 


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