Reading Habits I Wish I Could Change

Reading habits I wish I could change

Lately  I have been thinking a lot about my reading experience and my reading habits and I have found that there’s some aspects that I would like to change. I have actually tried to change some of these things in the past, but I have discovered that when I go against these habits I end up not enjoying books – that otherwise I could have liked- as much, or I end up in a reading slump.

So, here are some reading habits that I wish I could change but that I have come to accept:

Mood reader 

I’m a complete mood reader and my moods are not easy to satisfy, because they are very specific moods. It’s not like “Oh, I’m in the mood for romance”, nope! It’s more like I’m in the mood for romance where there is modern royalty, diverse characters and there’s a  friends to lovers relationship. Again, very specific.

Other times, being a mood reader for me means that I’m in the mood to read but I don’t know what genre or what book I’m in the mood for, and you may be thinking “oh, that means you can read anything” well, again, nope! This means I end up reading nothing until I know what I’m in the mood for, because I don’t enjoy most books I pick up without being in the specific mood for them.

“I wish I wasn’t a mood reader” 
Can’t stick to a TBR 

This one is connected to being a mood reader. I never make TBRs for the month because I know the probability of reading any book that it’s on that list is close to 0%, because I never know what I’m gonna be in the mood for. That’s why I always fail at readathons, readalongs and all those types of events.

“I wish I could stick to a TBR” 
Knowing before reading

This is another one that it’s connected to the fact that I get very specific moods, because that means that I can’t go into a book knowing nothing about it, I need to know what it’s about so I can see if it fits my mood. But also, not only do I need to know what the book is about, I need to know what people think about a book, so I need to read reviews before reading a book. I literally can’t read a book without reading reviews, I think it’s mainly because people’s comments help me decide if the book is something I would enjoy or not.

I wish I could go into a book without knowing anything about it and let myself be surprised” 
Pay too much attention to negative reviews

As I was saying, I can’t read a books without reading reviews. It’s a habit I have not been able to break and I ctually wouldn’t have a problem with this habit, if it wasn’t for the fact that I tend to pay more attention to negative reviews. If I read 10 reviews ofa book and 2 are negative reviews, what I will remember the most are the negative reviews and it’s very likely that those 2 negative reviews will make me not want to read the book.

“I wish I could pay more attention to positive reviews instead of the negative ones” 

Those were some of the reading habits that I wish I could change -that I have tried to change without being succesful- but that I have come to accept as part of my reading experience.

What are some of the reading habits that you wish you could change? Let me know in the comments! 
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10 thoughts on “Reading Habits I Wish I Could Change

  1. For negative reviews, im good ! I don’t reaaally wanna check them ; specially if I know they are gonna be mostly bad (aka In a dark dark wood, or I was there) However … I am a mood reader aswell .. last time, I was in a mood for a thriller; but upon checking a few at the bookstore, nothing was exactly WHAT I was in the mood for …

    ((also, I was planning to do a converse post about our struggles in being a mind reader !! I just procrastinated writing it …))


  2. I am really terrible in sticking to my TBR.. like really terrible 😜 I always end up reading totally different books then what I actually planned for. That’s why I have stopped making TBRs 😛 Also yes to being a mood reader 🙈


  3. I like knowing about a book before reading which can go a bit overboard as then I gloss over reviews and book blogs. It’s annoying because the negative reviews stick in my mind & makes the reading experience terrible. So I decided I’d keep away from reading reviews until I’ve read the book.

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    1. I try to not read reviews until after reading, but it’s so hard for me. I always end up checking them out, it’s like I can’t read a book without knowing if other people liked it or not. I’m definitely working to change that.


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