Martha Aguas Style Guide| If the Dress Fits by Carla de Guzman


When I first started my blog,  before I moved from blogger to wordpress, I had a feature called Bookish Style Guide,  where I shared Pinterst boards with clothes and accesories inspired by the style of the main character in a book. I only posted two of them:

Lara Jean Style Guide | To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han

Blue Sargent Style Guide | The Raven Cycle by Maggie Stiefvater 

The boards were full of things that I thought the character would wear and they were SO FUN to make. So I decided to start doing them again and to start I chose Martha Aguas, the main character in If the Dress Fits by Carla de Guzman. It’s a book that I really enjoyed reading and Martha was a great character. Here’s my review of the book if you want to know more.

The Style Guide: 

I chose Martha Aguas as inspiration because in the book is pretty clear that she likes fashion, she likes clothes and she loves finding things that work for her. In the book, she wears skirts, heels, wide leg trousers and floral print.

“I learned to love dressing for my body, wearing heels and short skirts like i was nobody’s business” – If the Dress Fits

“I pulled out a pair of wide leg trousers … then a silk button down shirt  that was a men’s size XXL. I was sure it was gonna look fantastic with my favorite camel heels” – If the Dress Fits

“What was wrong with wearing a fitted t-shirt and big floral midi skirt?”  – If the Dress Fits

Here’s the board I made inspired by Martha (Unfortunately, you can’t see it on the wordpress reader, you have to go to the actual blog). If you click in the pictures most of them will take you to the store that sells the clothes (it’s not an ad). Also, I add to these boards from time to time, so if you would like to see more, you can follow the board on Pinterest.

More about the book: 

if-the-dress-fitsMartha Aguas kind of has it all–she’s an accountant who loves numbers, an accident-prone puppy that loves her, and the perfect wardrobe. Yes, she wears a dress size 24, her bras don’t fit and she’s never had a boyfriend, but so what? 

It becomes a big deal when her perfect cousin Regina announces her engagement to Enzo, the only boy she’s ever loved (he doesn’t know, so don’t tell him!) Suddenly Aguases from all corners of the globe are coming for the event, and the last thing Martha wants is to be asked why she still prefers her lattes with a waffle on the side. 

Thank god for Max. Goofy, funny, dependable Max, who finds himself playing the fake boyfriend at the family festivities. But why does it feel like only one of them is pretending? 

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Do you know a character from a book that has a very distinctive style? What books have characters that are interested in fashion? For what character would you like to see a style guide? 
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        I was going to say that I haven’t seeing the Little Library Cafe posts, but I’m definitely checking cking them out! It sounds like a fun idea.


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