The Movie Journal: July 2018

The Movie Journal

The Movie Journal is a feature where I keep track of the movies I watch in 2018 and my thoughts about them. Here are the movies I watched in July:

Get Out (4,3 stars) 

A young African-American visits his white girlfriend’s parents for the weekend, where his simmering uneasiness about their reception of him eventually reaches a boiling point.

  • Directed & Written by: Jordan Peele
  • CastDaniel KaluuyaAllison WilliamsBradley Whitford

I went into this movie having no idea what the plot actually was and I was not expecting what happened. Jordan Peele finds a way to use this generic horror movie plot to make a thought provoking movie full with social commentary. Also, the acting in this movie is fantastic and there’s this tension that builds through the entire film that kept me at the edge of my sit.

El Bar (4 stars) 

In bustling downtown Madrid, a loud gunshot and two mysterious deaths trap a motley assortment of common urbanites in a decrepit central bar, while paranoia and suspicion force the terrified regulars to turn on each other.

  • Directed by: Álex de la Iglesia
  • Written by:  Jorge GuerricaechevarríaÁlex de la Iglesia
  • Cast:  Blanca SuárezMario CasasCarmen Machi

This movie is entertaining and funny. The acting is really good, even if the characters are a bit like caricatures. There’s a very big plothole at one point in the movie, but I was able to ignore that for the most part. Honestly, it’s just a fun movie to watch and it manages to puts human behaviour under the microscope in a very smart and captivating way.

Table 19 (4,2 stars) 

Eloise, having been relieved of maid of honor duties after being unceremoniously dumped by the best man via text, decides to attend the wedding anyway, only to find herself seated with five fellow unwanted guests at the dreaded Table 19. 

  • Directed & Written by:  Jeffrey Blitz
  • Cast: Anna KendrickLisa KudrowCraig Robinson

I’m huge fan of movies that are heartfelt comedies with an ensemble cast, so I really enjoyed this one. Also, I love almost anything Anna Kendrick is in, so that help as well. This movie has likable characters, solid performances by the cast, there’s a surprising twist revealed maybe a little less than halfway through the movie that worked really well, and all that makes a charming movie that manages at times to have a real emotional weight.

Jurassic World 2: Fallen Kingdom (4,2 stars) 

When the island’s dormant volcano begins roaring to life, Owen and Claire mount a campaign to rescue the remaining dinosaurs from this extinction-level event.

  • Directed by:  J.A. Bayona
  • Written by: Derek ConnollyColin Trevorrow
  • Cast: Chris PrattBryce Dallas HowardRafe Spall

This is a very entertaining movie, one of my favorite things is that they left the tension build up before the dynosaurs showed up a couple times and it worked really well to convey the scariness of the situation. It’s a fun movie to watch but that’s about it, perfect if you want a family friendly ,enjoyable movie. It had a chance to be a smarter movie with the “do we save the dynosaurs from extintion or not” question, it could have been an exploration of ethics and the responsabilities of humans towards other species, and while that was mentioned, the movie really didn’t go there.

Have you watched any of the movies I mentioned? Did you enjoy them? Do you want to watch any of them? Let me know in the comments! 

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5 thoughts on “The Movie Journal: July 2018

  1. I remember watching Table 19’s trailer some time ago and thinking I need to watch this, and then I just completely forgot about it.
    I enjoyed Falling Kingdom tok, although I keep feeling as if something was missing from it. It felt like it was building up to the next installment and I’m hoping that it’s going to be absolutely phenomenal.

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