Let’s Put Music to the Book: Kingdom of Ash by Sarah J. Maas

lets put music to the book

Let’s Put Music to the Book is a feature that I used to have on Bookish Wanderess back when it was hosted on blogspot and since I used to enjoy making this type of post so much, I decided to bring them back! In Let’s Put Music to the Book I choose a few songs to pair with a book and I tell you a bit about why they remind me of that book o why I think the songs represent certain parts of the storyAlso, I will mention what specific lyrics from the song remind me of the book. 

Kingdom of AshRecently I read Kingdom of Ash by Sarah J Maas and I loved that book but I didn’t know how to put into a review everything I wanted to say. Also, I have very complicated feelings towards this series because of the treatment of poc characters, the queerbaiting and so many other issues related to diversity. Nonetheless, I wanted to still make some sort of post about this book because it was the last book of this series that I have loved for years, so I decided to make this post. THERE WILL BE NO SPOILERS!


Here are some songs I think represent or go well with certain parts of Kingdom of Ash:


SELRES_748746ba-77d9-481f-8841-4187a3b48093SELRES_748746ba-77d9-481f-8841-4187a3bThis is My World by Esterly

Heavy hangs a fear in your heart
Like cinder blocks crushin’ your chest
Its a prison break escape from the dark
Can’t get it out of your head

I chose this song because at the beginning of the Aelin is imprisoned and this song, especially the lyrics I put above, remind me of that part of the story.

To be Human by Sia  

To be human is to love
Even when it gets too much
I’m not ready to give up

In this book a couple of the characters are struggling with questions revolving about being human, so I thought this song was very fitting.

Walk Throught the Fire by Zayde Wolf

I’m always wondering
If it’s ever gonna end
I can feel it in my bones
I can feel it in my bones
Standing in the dust
Of what’s left of us

Aelin feels the weight of the journey she has been on since the beginning of the series, she is so tired of fighting and she just wants it to end and I feel like the lyrics of the song reflect that.

Madness by Ruelle 

Feel the fury closing in
All resistance wearing thin
Nowhere to run from all of this havoc
Nowhere to hide
From all of this madness, madness, madness

This song reminds me of a few moments in the book, when there were battles, I think they represent very accurately what some of the characters were feeling.

Game of Survival by Ruelle 

There’s no surrender
And there’s no escape
Are we the hunters?
Or are we the prey?

This is a wild game of survival

I think this decribes basically the entire book because all the characters are stuck between a rock and a hard place most of the time, they can’t surrender and they can’t escape, they can only fight and see if they survive.

Soldier by Fleurie 

You wanna take a drink of that promise land
Gotta wipe the dirt off your hands
Careful son you got dreamers plans
But it gets hard to stand

Solider keep on marching on
Head down till the work is done

This song makes me think of all the soldiers that fight in this book, but we never found out anything about them. They fight because they want this new world that the main characters are promising and so many of them die and don’t get to see that new world, but to the story they are just background.

This is War by Thirty Seconds to Mars 

To the right, to the left
We will fight to the death
To the edge of the Earth
It’s a brave new world

Like I was saying with the last song I mentioned, they are all fighting for a brave new world, so this song reminds me a lot of this book in general.

Tomorrow We Fight by Tommee Profitt ft. SVRCINA

Cold in the violence
After the war
Hope is a fire to keep us warm

The lyrics I chose from this song remind me so much of the last part of this book, I think they don’t need much explanation and I think if I tried to explain why I chose them I would be spoilery, so I’m not gonna say more.

Heroes by Zayden Wolf

The shadows are calling us out
I see the fear rising
Yeah but my hope is burning

We are heroes
Heroes in the darkest times
When there is no light
We are heroes

These lyrics fit perfectly with a scene at the end of this book, one of the final confrontations during the battle and I can’t say no more.

Queendom by Aurora 

The women will be my soldiers
With the weight of life on their shoulders

I will be your warrior
I will be your lamb

You have a home in my Queendom
You have a place in my Queendom
You’ll find a place

This song reminds me of this series and it makes me think of Aelin in general, but particularly of her journey in this final book.

Do you associate certain songs to a book? Do you listen to music while reading? What songs remind you of a specific book?

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5 thoughts on “Let’s Put Music to the Book: Kingdom of Ash by Sarah J. Maas

  1. I think … I think I love you. Just finished the book. Just found THIS epic awesomeness and listened to your playlist. I could listen to that all day. Why don’t I hear this perfect music on the radio? I’m not a musically inclined person. I stick to classical, mostly, because that’s the only thing that moves me. But some stuff, like THIS, works for me. But I never hear it. I’m so using your lists.
    Rebecca @ The Portsmouth Review

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m so happy you’re enjoying the playlist!! And hopefully you can find more music that you like by checking out other songs by the singers and bands I included.

      This was a lovely comment, thank for taking the time to write it! 💛


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