Con Sabor Reading Challenge 2020: let’s read Latinx books!

Con Sabor Reading Challenge is hosted by Dani @ metamorphoreader, Astrid @ Book Love Book Reviews, Natalia @ Books.Build.Life, and Nox @ Nox the Reader and the goal of the challenge is to motivate people to pick up as many books by Latinx authors as they can. The challenge ends December 31st and the sign up sheet, which you can find here, is open all year, so anyone can join at any time they want. The hosts have also created prompts that you can participate in each month if you so wish. You can earn badges by either reading a certain number of books or by participating in these prompts.

*Click the book titles to go to the Goodreads page*


Like I have mentioned in other posts, my goal for this year is to read 35 books by Latinx authors, which means I’m trying to get the badge of Latinx Historian.

I will also be trying to follow the prompts that the hosts have set up for each month and I won’t make a tbr for all of them yet because I’m a mood reader and I like hving the freedom to choose what I read every month, but will be sharing the books I’ll read to fulfill the first three prompts. But before that I’ll share the prompts:

  • January- Book with mental health representation
  • February- Romance
  • March- Fantasy
  • April- Contemporary
  • May- A genre out of your comfort zone
  • June- LGBTQI+ representation
  • July- Afrolatinx main character
  • August- Fat representation
  • November- Retelling


  • I already finished one Latinx book in January, which was More Happy Than Not by Adam Silvera and it helped me complete the prompt for mental health representation. Also, this means I have already earned a badge!
  • In February, I’ll read The Worst Best Man by Mia Sosa, which is romance with an Afro-Latinx main character and by a Afro-Latinx authors and that helps me fulfill the prompt for the month and it’s also perfect to read during Black History Month.
  • In March, I’ll read Incendiary by Zoraida Cordova. I have an earc of this book and I want to read it before it comes out and it helps me fulfill the fantasy prompt, so it’s perfect for March.

I’ll update you on my progress with this challenge in three months and then I’ll choose the next books that I’ll read to fulfill the prompts of the next three months.

Are you joining the Con Sabor Reading Challenge? What are some books by Latinx authors that you love? What books by Latinx authors are on your tbr?

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