Ranking all the books I read this month aka My May 2020 Wrap Up


Hi everyone! Today, I want to share my wrap up of all the things I read in May, but before that I want to encourage you to support the protests going on right now against the murder of Black people by the police, which were sparked by the murder of George Floyd. If you want to know how to help, click this link where you can find where to donate, petitions to sign, where to text or call to demand justice, and other useful information.

In terms of my wrap up, I rank all the books I read from my least favorite to my favorite book of the month. The ranking is not enterily dependent on rating, so there can be books with lower ratings that are higher on the list than books with higher ratings and that has to do with my enjoyment of the books.

Without further ado, here are the books I read in May:

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My Least Favorite Book of the Month

This month there wasn’t one book that I truly disliked, so for my least favorite of the month I chose a disappointing romance:

20.Meet Cute Club by Jack Harbon (3 stars):  The writing was flat, I was bored and the characters were two-dimentional. But there were some cute moments and the steamy scenes were actually really good. (My review)

The “I Mostly Liked Them, But…” Books

These are books that I had significant issues with, but they had redeeming qualities that made me mostly enjoy them:

19. Wylde by Sawyer Bennett (3,5 stars): I really liked the hero in this book but the heroine was so judgemental and “not like other girls”. (My review)

18. Guarding Temptation by Talia Hibbert (3,5 stars): Solid novella! The main couple in this was cute and there were a couple of really steamy scenes, but I didn’t care about the plot at all.

17. Hate to Want You by Alisha Rai (3,5 stars): I liked this and while I really liked the main couple, their relationship relies too much in the past. 10 years is a long time and people change and I feel like this book would have been better if it showed the characters falling in love with the people they are in the present and it didn’t rely so much in them being in love in the past.

16. Grave Peril by Jim Butcher (3,5 stars): This is my least favorite book of the series so far. It took me a long time to get into it because 1) this book starts in the middle of a “case” so I wasn’t as invested in it as I was with the cases in the other books and 2) I usually don’t like very religious characters and this book opens by introducing a new and very religious character. The second half of this book is a lot stronger than the first and I liked how it ends. 

15. The House of the Spirits by Isabel Allende (3,5 stars): I wasn’t invested in what was happening in this book and I didn’t care about the characters for most of this book. But the last 100 pages of this are brutal and brilliant, I teared up reading them, I was incredibly emotionally affected by everything that happened and I suddenly cared about all the characters and their safety. And the ending! The commentary of this book on the cyclyc nature of violence is brilliant and the depiction of the social, political and economical situation in Chile in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s is outstanding.

14. Yours in Scandal by Lauren Layne (3,6 stars): This book started really strong, the banter and chemistry between the characters was great, but the transition from the flirty relationship of the beginning to a more romantic relationship was lacking something.

The Ones I Liked

The ones I liked are books that I had really small issues with, but after I finished them I had mainly positive feelings towards them:

13. Yes, No, Maybe So by Becky Albertalli (3,7 stars): The friendship in this book is so cute and the political aspect of it is really interesting. This book feels like a conversation starter about the link between the personal and the political, how that link particulary affects minorities, and how we shouldn’t engaged politically only when it’s easy or convenient for us but, at the same time, how self-care within political activism is incredibly important.

12. Unforgettable by Melanie Harlow (3,8 stars): This book pleaseantly surprised me and it ended up being my favorite of the series. The romance is great and it has a very positive depiction of adoption. (My review)

11. The Governess Game by Tessa Dare (3,8 stars): I really liked this, the little girls are the best part of this book and the relationships that both main characters have with them are so sweet and I loved seeing how all of them learned to trust each other. My main issue with this is that it took me a while to actually believe or be invested in the romantic relationship between the main characters.

10. Everything I Never Told You by Celeste Ng (3,8 stars): This wasn’t an enjoyable read, but it was brilliant. My main problem with this is that I really dislike terrible parents in books and this book was asking me to look beyond them being terrible parents to understand the traumas and expectations that their childhoods had caused and understand that they couldn’t see what they were doing to their kids, and I had a hard time doing that. But I really liked how it explored the different ways in which women and people of color experience otherness

9. A Gentleman in the Street by Alisha Rai (3,9 stars): THIS IS SO STEAMY!! I loved both of the main characters, they have so much chemestry and such a captivating dynamic. Also, this is incredibly sex positive which I LOVED. The heroine is japanese and bisexual.

8. Wanna Bet? by Talia Hibbert (3,9 stars): I really liked the characters in this book and their relationship. This is so emotional and angsty and I loved it. My main complain is that the ending was a bit hasty, but overall this was really good.

The Ones I Really Liked

I consider books I really liked the ones I really enjoyed, but they are not new favorites:

7. Clap When You Land by Elizabeth Acevedo (4 stars): The writing – as always with Elizabeth Acevedo- was fantastic. I just wish that the two main characters had met sooner and that we got to see more of them intarcting and bonding. This was such an emotional read and the ending made me tear up.

6. The Trouble with Hating You by Sajni Patel (4 stars): I loved a lot of things about this book, but especially the relationship between the main characters, Jay was so patient and kind, I loved their banter and the whole hate to love, slow-burn romance worked so well with these characters and I was so invested in their relationship. (My review)

5. Beach Read by Emily Henry (4 stars): This was darker than I was expecting, but so good. Interesting character, great writing and a swoony romance. (My review)

4. Fool Moon by Jim Butcher (4 stars): I liked this one more than the first book in the series, it was quick and entertaining. The different types of werewolves in this book were fascianting and the fact that no one could be trusted kept me gripped.

3. China Rich Girlfriend by Kevin Kwan (4 stars): This is such a fun read! I was fascinated by how excessive and opulent all the descriptions of wealth are, the strongest element of this book is that sucks you in into this world of privilige that’s so far removed from normal life. I was interested in all the characters and storylines and I’m specially invested in Astrid story.

2. The Poppy War by R.F. Kuang (4 stars): This book was really dark and unexpectedly fast-paced (at least it felt that way to me). I was completely invested in the story and once I finished the book I was shocked and I truly didn’t know how to feel, I still don’t. This was really good, engaging and thought-provoking.

My Favorite Book of the Month

My favorite books of the month can have different ratings depending on how good a particular reading month was. This month one brilliant book that instantly became one of my favorite books:

1. Jade City by Fonda Lee (4,7 stars): This was so intense and I was so invested. The concept of this story is unique and captivating and I LOVED the characters so much. This book broke my heart but it was SO GOOD. It’s definitely a new favorite book for me.

 What were your favorite and least favorite books you read this month? Have you read any of the books on this wrap up? Do you agree with my opinions about them?

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17 thoughts on “Ranking all the books I read this month aka My May 2020 Wrap Up

  1. wow great reading month!! Jade City is SO good! I’m also dying to read Beach Read so i’m glad u loved it so much! I now need to read A Gentlemen in the Street and The Trouble with Hating you… they both looks incredible! Awesome wrap up 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. WOW, you read some amazing books!! 😍 Now I’m even more excited about Jade City, I’ve had it on my TBR for a while now. I hope you June is wonderful and thanks for using your blog to spread awareness about what’s happening, I’m trying to do the same and I think we all should ❤️✨

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Wow you read so much books ❤ I read Yes No Maybe So as well, but I think it was alright and nothing too special, probably because I'm starting to branch out of YA contemporaries. But I do agree that it's so interesting how it discusses political aspects in a light manner for readers. Jade City sounds so interesting, I'm happy you enjoyed it 🙂

    jillian @ jillian etc.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Jade City is amazing and more people need to read it! It’s so underrated. And I agree about Yes No Maybe So being lighter and just alright, I think since I read it for a book club and had so much fun discussing it that influenced my reading experience and that’s why I ended up enjoying it a bit more.


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