On My Radar #2: Books that Other People Hated

Hi everyone! After an unexpected hiatus due to the fact that I was drowning in work (I still am), I’m back with another edition of On My Radar, which is a feature where I talk about books that I have heard a lot about and I’m curious about, but I’m not sure if I should give them a chance, whether it is because they are outside my comfort zone, they got mixed reviews or any other reason. My idea is that hopefully, you all can help me decide which books are worth reading.

On the first On My Radar post, I talked about books that I saw in other people’s lists of favorite books of 2020. This time I’m going to talk about books that I saw in other people’s lists of worst books of 2020, but that I’m still intrigued about even if they didn’t liked them and I’m not sure if I should read them or not.

Ninth House by Leigh Bardugo: I feel like people have very mixed opinions about this book, but the people I follow mostly had negative opinions about it. I’m intrigued by it, especially since someone on Twitter shared a scene from the book that captured by attention, but I don’t usually read dark books and I have heard this is very dark, which worries me and that’s why I don’t if I want to read it or not.

To Sleep in a Sea of Stars by Christopher Paolini: I have heard a lot of negative things about this book from the people I follow, but between the beautiful cover, the interesting premise and the fact that it won the goodreads awards, I’m curious about it… but I don’t know if I’m curious enough to read 900 pages.

The Roommate by Rosie Danan: When I heard this was about a porn stars, I was inmidiatly interested in reading it. But then I read the synopsis and I decided not to read it because I knew I was going to be frustrated with the main character’s choice of leaving everything behind for a guy she has a crush on. Also, it didn’t help that after publication I heard so many negative things, but the fact that it’s about a porn star still intrigues me and the second book, which is a companion novel, sounds really good, so I’m tempted to give this one a chance.

Middlegame by Seanan Mcguire: I have heard this book described as the best book some people have ever read and also as boring, confusing, too long. Honestly, I think I have heard more negative things than positives, but the fact that it’s a Seanan Mcguire book makes me want to give it a chance, since I love her Wayward Children series as well as some of the books she has published as Mira Grant.

Where Dreams Descend by Janella Angeles: this is not the kind of book I would usually intrigued about because it’s YA fantasy, which havent been reading a lot lately, and it had gotten really negative reviews. But the fact that this has been described as  Phantom of the Opera meets Moulin Rouge, keeps me thinking ¿should I read this? all the time.

Which of these books do you think I should read? Are there any books on your radar that you are not sure if you want to read or not?

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11 thoughts on “On My Radar #2: Books that Other People Hated

  1. I DNF’d both Ninth House and To Sleep in a Sea of Stars, but tbh I’m interested in giving them both another try! I think Ninth House is just SO different from Leigh’s other books that it took me by surprise. I’m also super curious about The Roommate – hopefully we both love it! 😅

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  2. I have not read To Sleep in a Sea of Stars, but my boyfriend who is heavy into epic adult science fiction did like it. He said it wasn’t as “expansive” as the author’s previous works and some parts were… “weird for him”, but overall he liked it. He said it didn’t feel like the same author, though. Personally, I’ve been wanting to pick up Ninth House!

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