What I’ve Been Watching #4: Train to Busan, Godzilla vs Kong, Love and Monsters and more

Hi everyone! Today I’m talking about the movies I watched in March and April, I watched all of these movies on Netflix except for Godzilla vs Kong. I’m really happy because I watched 2 movies that I have been meaning to watch for years: Train to Busan and No, and I enjoyed both of them a lot, they are my two favorite movies of 2021 so far.

Without further ado, let’s talk about movies

Train to Busan

This was a fantastic zombie movie, exciting and action-packed, but also with emotional moments that hit you in the feels. The acting was really good and the characters felt so real, which made me care about them and that in turn made the whole movie more tense and intense because I was invested in everything that was happening. This movie does a great job of showing, in the midst of this zombie outbreak, how the main characters grow, how they realtionship between them change and develop, and how they learn to get over differences and fight together. Also, beyond the zombies, there was a human bad guy who was the worst and the kind of character that’s easy to hate, which added a good element of the story. The last half hour of the movie is intense and also really sad. (Rating: 4,5 stars)


This movie doesn’t feel like a movie, it feels more like a documentary, the blend between real historical footage and the movie footage works so well that it ends up feeling like everything is real. It also feels real because it captures the chaotic feeling of seeing things play out in real-time, and at the end, it still feels real because not everything gets wrapped up nicely. 

The performances were fantastic and the way this depicted the conflict at the heard of the No campaign in the Chilean plebiscite of 1988 is extraordinary, it’s easy to see both sides: wanting to win even if it means doing a more lighthearted campaign and not wanting to leave out from the campaign the real and heartbreaking reality of the years lived under the dictatorship just to win. (Rating: 4 stars)

Love and Monsters

In the beginning, I thought this wasn’t going to work for me. I kept thinking that Dylan O’Brien’s character had made the stupidest decision ever and I was scared that they were going to go the cheesy route with that storyline, but they kind of didn’t. I ended up really enjoying this, it’s entertaining and fun, there’s action and monsters but also heartfelt moments. The main characters, Joel, grows a lot throughout the movie and rhere are also a few compelling characters besides Joel. (Rating: 3,5 stars)

Godzilla vs Kong

Let’s be honest, this was a Kong movie. He stole the show. Godzilla spent most of the movie being the bad guy and even the characters from previous Godzilla movies had a really silly storyline centering around conspiracy theories,which did not worked well with the rest of the film. Not that I’m complaining, I loved Kong in this movie, I loved his sweet storyline about communicating with the little girl through sign language and also it was interesting getting to explore the hollow earth. (Rating: 3,5 stars)

Yes Day

This was a cute and entertaining movie. It’s nothing special but it has it’s funny moments and it kept me engaged the entire time. It pains me to say this but the one thing that didn’t really work for me was Edgar Ramirez’s performance (which sometimes felt a bit too over the top and forced) and his character (who took about 16 years to realize that he left all the hard work to his wife). Jennifer Garner and Jenny Ortega did a good job with their roles as well as the other two kids. (Rating: 3,5 stars)


This movie was dull. I was hoping for one of those good old terrible disaster movies that were entertaining and had some emotional moments thrown in there, but this was no it, there were about two or three scenes of end-of-the-earth type destruction and nothing more, and none of the emotional bits landed well. Also, the acting wasn’t great and the script left a lot to be desired. Honestly, there was nothing in this movie that was gripping or interesting, the closest they get is a small romance between side characters that didn’t suck entirely. (Rating: 1,5 stars)

Just Say Yes

I think this is my first Dutch movie and it seems like I liked this movie more than most people. I mean, it wasn’t good exactly but it was entertaining and I actually think the two main characters had good chemistry. My main issue with this is that there were some really shitty characters and they got away with it, like one of her bosses is a misogynistic piece of shit and nothing happens with that, and at then there’s even a reference to him casually dating one of her friends. (Rating: 2,5 stars)

What have you watched lately? What’t the best show or movie you have watched so far in 2021?

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4 thoughts on “What I’ve Been Watching #4: Train to Busan, Godzilla vs Kong, Love and Monsters and more

    1. I don’t think I have ever watched a Taiwanese drama but I need to give them a chance, I just recently starting watching Kdramas and I have really enjoyed the ones I’ve watched.

      I know! Train to Busan is devastating.


  1. I want to watch Train to Busan so bad! I’ve heard only good things about it and zombie movies are my favorite. I feel like I’ll like it. We saw Godzilla v Kong in theaters, and I dont really have strong opinions on it because it’s an Godzilla and Kong movie hahah There’s monsters fighting and loud noises and things being destroyed. The plot with the hollow earth thing was a bit weird though.


  2. Can I recommend Space Sweepers and #Alive? They’re both Korean movies on Netflix. Space Sweepers is a great space adventure about found family and #Alive is a zombie movie (but don’t compare it Train to Busan, nothing can live up to that). I think you’d definitely like at least one of them!


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