What I’ve Been Watching #5: Shadow and Bone, Vincenzo, Crazy Rich Asians and more

Hi everyone! Before getting into the post there’s something I need to talk about. As I mentioned in my last post my country, Colombia, is going through a very difficult situation. Protests over rising poverty, unemployment and inequality have been met with police brutality, there has been 3405 cases of police brutality, 43 people killed by the police, 1445 arbitrary arrest, 22 victims of sexual assault by the police, and there are hundreds of missing protestors. This has all happened since April 28th when the protests started and things are getting worse since the president ordered a full military deployment in the major cities. Please pay attention to what’s happening in Colombia, citizens are being mudered and terrorized by the police, the army and the government, human rights are being violated and there’s no end in sight.

Here’s more information about what’s going on: video and article – article – article – article – video – video

Now let’s talk about some of the things I have watched lately. Honestly, I’m really behind with the “what I’ve been watching” posts, because I haven’t been blogging or reading with everything that has been going on in Colombia, and watching things has become my main escape, so you can expect a few of these posts in the future.

Without further ado, let’s talk about some tv shows and movies:

Shadow and Bone

I really enjoyed this show, the beginning was a bit slow for me, but the second part was SO GOOD. I really liked Alina in the show, which surprised me since I never felt any particular attachment to her while reading the books, she is strong and captivating in the show. But the biggest surprise of all is that Mal was actually one of my favorite characters (if not my favorite) in the show even tho I always disliked him in the books. Also, I really like him with Alina in the show, so far they are my favorite ship. I was expecting The Darkling to be more mysterious and scarier, but they humanized him a bit too much, especially when it came to his relationship with the other Grisha. Nonetheless, I liked Ben Barnes performance. Overall I liked the crows, and Jasper was fantastic. I felt like something was missing from the portrait of Kaz, some of the depth of the character was missing, but I recognize that he is a hard character to adapt since his internal monologue is lost from books to screen. In terms of plot, I found the beginning with all the setup to be a tiny bit boring, but it does pick up and by the second half of the show I could stop watching. The two things that didn’t really work are the Nina/Matthias storyline, which didn’t feel integrated with the rest of the story, and the half-assed attempt of including diversity in the story by making Alina Asian and handling badly. (rating: 4 stars)


This show is fantastic, it has great writing, it’s very well shot and it has an engaging storyline of taking justice into your own hands and a villanous character fighting this big evil corporation with the help of a lawyer and a big assortment of random side characters. The characters in this show are all well developed, there are so many side characters and you feel like you get to know them and all the actors did an amazing job. The two leads in particular are brilliant in their roles, Song Joong-Ki was captivating in his role as Vincenzo, he managed to be dark and charming at the same time, and Jeon Yeo-Been is incredible playing a character that is cool and badass at times and other times is goofy and funny and she does both things so well. The chemistry between the two leads is amazing and the tension between them just builds and builds throughout the show until it pays off. The way that relationship slowly progresses is amazing.(rating: 5 stars)

Crazy Rich Asians

This was a rewatch for me and I found this movie as fun and as entertaining the second time around. I love getting to see the world of the rich and famous with the unique twist that they are not white Americans. The way this movie shows the different social and cultural dynamics and the way it shows Singapore was fantastic. The acting in this movie is amazing, everyone does an amazing job. I liked the main storyline revolving around the romance between Nick and Rachel and all the conflicts because of their different backgrounds, but it was definitely the weakest part of the film. Singapore as a setting and the storyline revolving around Astrid and her failing marriage definitely stole the show and made the film more enjoyable. (Rating 4,5 stars)

The Spy Who Dumped Me

I love Mila Kunis and this movie was on Netflix, so I decided to watch this fully believing it was going to be terrible, but surprisingly it wasn’t. This is really funny, it mocks a lot of common spy movie tropes, and don’t get me wrong, it was absolutely ridiculous, but it worked because it doesn’t take itself too seriously. Mila and Kate Mckinnon are fantastic in their roles, their chemistry is great and they are hilarious together. Sam Heughan in this is good too and Gillian Anderson was the cherry on top of the whole movie. (rating: 3,5 stars)

Off Course

This is a Spanish movie and I watched it because my favorite Spanish actress, Blanca Suárez, plays the main character in it. I went into this movie with the wrong expectations, I thought this was going to be a great romactic movie and it was not. The two characters are barely together at all throughout the film, but by the end, thee movie treated their relationship like a big love affair. Also, it’s kind of boring, the characters are unlikable and do a lot of stupid things, and the plot goes nowhere. The only good thing about this movie is its portrait of one type of immigrant experience lived by this egocentric Spanish man that needs to learn some hard lessons. Through the movie he struggles for money in another country, without speaking the language and having people depending on him financially back home, it does a good job of showing some of the humilliations and hardships of the immigrant experience, and it’s self aware enough to recognize that the way the main character is being treated as a Spanish man in Germany, it’s how Spanish people hve always treated Latinx people who immigrate to Spain. (rating: 1.5 stars)

What have you watched lately? What’t the best show or movie you have watched so far in 2021?

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3 thoughts on “What I’ve Been Watching #5: Shadow and Bone, Vincenzo, Crazy Rich Asians and more

  1. my partner keeps me up to date about columbia, but other than him, i really don’t hear about it much in the media! i wish there was more coverage, it’s devastating what’s happening there. not sure if you’re there, but if you are i hope you stay safe.


  2. I’m so sorry for what’s happening in your country right now, Sofia. Of course, I’m sending you love.

    I rewatched Crazy Rich Asians last month too! It is honestly one of my favourite movies, it never fails to lift my spirits and I can’t wait for the sequels.

    I also enjoyed Shadow and Bone. I didn’t mind Mal in the books but I thought his character worked wonders in the show. I also found myself enjoying Matthias’ character, which I cannot say the same for in the books.


  3. That’s really sad and terrible what’s going on in your country. I hope things get better soon. I haven’t watched anything recently. I’m still trying to finish Grishaverse before I start watching the show.


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