My Favorite Book Bloggers | 2022 Support Book Bloggers Challenge

Hi everyone! After a few months of being in a blogging slump, I came back excited to rediscover my favorite blogs, discover new favorites, be more active in the community and show my appreciation for the amazing book bloggers that a lot of times don’t receive the recognition their work deserves. To accomplish that, I decided that it would be a good idea to participate in the 2022 Support Book Blogger Challenge hosted by Briana @ Pages Unbound Reviews. This is basically my sign-up for the year long challenge and at the same time I’m completing the January challenge, which is to shout out some book bloggers I love.

So, here they are! My favorite book bloggers and some of their posts that I have enjoyed recently:

Kat @ Life and Other Disasters

I literally read every single post that Kat shares on her blog and I think 100% of her content is amazing. I have been following her for years and I have been religiously checking out her Trailers You Might Have Missed posts every week. I always add something new to my tbr or to watch list after reading her movie, tv shows and book reviews.

Riv @ Dear Rivarie

Riv has one of the most beautiful blogs and her content is always amazing, from thoughtful reviews to interesting features, I love everything she posts. I particularly loved her feature where she writes posts recommending books to characters from kdramas, not only do I get amazing book recs but also end up wanting to watch a new kdrama everytime.

Alicia @ A Kernel of Nonsense

Alicia always manages to make me want to read the books she reviews and so far I have enjoyed every book I read because of her. I go to her blog mainly for fantasy book recommendations because Alicia has the best taste in them.

Destiny @ Howling Libraries

I have been following Destiny’s blog for years, she was one of the first bloggers I followed, and I have always admired her consistency and her incredible content. I started to read more horror last year and I have found her reviews so useful to discover new books to read in that genre. My tbr and my wallet are not happy but I am.

Cande @ Cande Reads

Cande’s passion comes through in all their reviews and posts making them funny, sassy, and a lot of fun to read. They always have good middle-grade recommendations and I always discover new diverse books through their blog.

Corina @ The Brown Eyed Bookworm

Corina writes the BEST reviews, I always end up wanting to read the book she is reviewing even if it’s something I normally wouldn’t read. I especially go to her blog for romance and women’s fiction recommendations and I always find something I want to read.

Tree and Bree @ Words about Words

I love their reviews, especially, for romance books because I always find new books to add to my tbr. Tree is one of the only bloggers I follow that reads historical romance, so I appreciate her reviews for those books even more.

Gabi @ Gabi’s Book Reviews

Gabi’s blog is Latinx heaven, she reviews Latinx books and shares bookish lists full of even more Latinx book recommendations. I read every single one of her posts and I always love them.

May @ Forever and Everly

I have been following May for a long time, her blog is so beautiful and her content is always great and inspiring. She has a very distinctive voice that comes through in her posts that makes it feel like a friend is talking to you and it’s something I really admire.

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