Discussing the idea of auto-buy authors (ft my auto-buy authors)

I am a huge mood reader and I’m very picky about things I like and I don’t like in books, so the idea of auto-buy authors is complicated to me. In my mind, “auto-buy” implies that I’ll buy and read their books regardless of the concept or premise, and if I go by that definition, then I don’t have auto-buy authors. What I have are authors that most of the time have concepts or premises that I’m interested in and appeal to my taste, so that’s the reason I read and will continue to read most of their books. But the moment they publish a book that doesn’t align with my taste, I’ll have no trouble skipping it.

I also think that “auto-buy” implies certain consistent interest throughout time. Nonetheless, when I started thinking about who I used to consider my “auto-buy” authors when I started my blog (about 6 years ago), I no longer read books by any of them, mainly because they are all YA authors and I don’t read that much YA anymore. Even thinking about my “auto-buy” authors from a couple years ago, I don’t think any of them are still authors I read from. Reading tastes change all the time (at least mine does), so it’s hard for me to think about authors who publish books that I’ll continue to be interested in in the long run. Still, I do have authors that, as long as my reading taste remains the same, I will continue to read from.

In that sense, I don’t think I have what it’s usually considered auto-buy authors, but I have authors that, at least for right now, are consistently writing books that align with my taste and that I enjoy reading, which is why I have read or want to read most of their books. And those are the authors that I’m going to talk about in this post.


Now, in terms of how did I pick the authors for this list, here is the criteria:

  • I must have read and liked more than one book by them
  • The books can’t be from the same series
  • I must have read one of their books in the last year
  • I have to find most of the concepts or premises of their books interesting
  • I need to want to read their backlist titles (at least some of them), if they havea any.
  • I need to have at least one of their upcoming projects on my tbr

Auto-buy authors

Without further ado, here are my “auto-buy” authors + some of the books I’ve read by them:

Ilona Andrews

I read my first IA book in August 2020 and, in just a year and a half, I have read 21 of their books. Also, I’m interested in every single book that they have released and I’m hoping to finish catching up with their backlist this year. Their unique worlds and concepts, easy to root for characters, and captivating storytelling keep me wanting to read their works. They are my favorite urban fantasy writers.

Ali Hazelwood

I have read her debut romance novel, which came out last year, as well as the two novellas she has realized and I have loved all of them. Ali Hazelwood’s compelling writing, humor, characters and tropes work for me. I’m looking forward to read a lot more from her in the future.

Silvia Moreno-García

I have read 4 of her books, I have plans to read her entire backlist and I can’t wait for her next release. Her books are unique, her writing is beautiful, her concepts are interesting, she explores important themes and I love that all her books are set in Mexico and full of Mexican characters.

Adriana Herrera

Adriana writes romances about Latinx characters and I’m here for all her stories. They are steamy, diverse and well written. I have read 11 of her books, the only things I haven’t read by her are the short stories that she has published in anthologies and one book, which came out in December and it’s on my priority tbr.

Grady Hendrix

I have read two books by Grady Hendrix. His books have disgusting scenes, which is not the usual type of horror I like, but I liked the way he includes these gruesome scenes and, at the same time, incorporates important social themes in his books. I started reading their last release but I had to return the audiobook to my library so I couldn’t finish it, but I can’t wait to continue.

Talia Hibbert

I have read 10 of her books and I’m looking forward to reading her next release. She writes romance books that deal with important themes, full of neurodivergent and Black representation, really steamy and incredibly compelling.

What do you think about the idea of auto-buy authors? Do you have any auto-buy authors?

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19 thoughts on “Discussing the idea of auto-buy authors (ft my auto-buy authors)

  1. Silvia Moreno-Garcia is slowly creeping up on my auto-buy list! I enjoy her writing a lot; there’s just something about it that I love to read and fall into her stories. I just finished Velvet was the Night and it was such a unique story!

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  2. As a fellow mood reader, I found your point of view very interesting. I agree that I don’t necessarily have what other people would consider auto-buy authors, but there are some authors that for now have only put out books I’m always interested in (like Madeline Miller or Casey McQuiston). However, if I wasn’t interested in their premises, I wouldn’t mind skipping them. Talia Hibbert is another one that I’ve become kinda obsessed with, but I still have a good portion of her backlist titles to go through!

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    1. Exactly, I didn’t know if anyone else felt like this but maybe is a common opinion for mood reads.

      I loved Red, White and Royal Blue, I need to read more of Casey McQuiston’s books. I haven’t read Madeline Miller before because I’m under the impression that her books are going to be sad and I don’t like reading sad things. But I have heard great things about them so I’m still curious. I love Talia’s books and I really want to finish reading her backlist soon.

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  3. i’m reading gods of jade and shadow right now and really enjoying it, and i truly cannot wait to dive into more of her books! this story feels so magical in particular ❤ i think one of my auto-buy authors has to be anna-marie mclemore—even as i'm growing out of ya like you, i feel like i'll always love their books!

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    1. I’m so happy you are enjoying Gods of Jade and Shadow! I have read and loved a few Mclemore books and I still own a couple that I’m hoping to get to even if I don’t read that much YA anymore. Their writing is so beautiful and I love how magical their stories are.

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  4. I completely get not wanting to call certain writers auto-buy authors because your taste in books has changed. There are plenty of authors whose earlier works I loved, but there later novels didn’t work for me. My list of auto-buy authors is pretty small. The first ones that come to mind are Silvia Moreno-Garcia and Anna-Marie McLemore. Their work has consistently spoken to me. Have you read Silvia Moreno-Garcia’s debut, Signal to Noise, yet? I believe it is getting a reprint this year and it is also another fantastic work by her.

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  5. I used to have a list of auto-buy authors in high school but looking back on it now, I haven’t actually picked up a book by those authors for years 😅 I don’t think I have as many auto-buy authors as auto-reads (?), if I really like an author I’ll want to check out their works but I’m not as keen to buy their books right off the bat until I’ve read and confirmed that I like a certain work. I think the only names that come to mind for immediate auto-buy would be Emily X.R. Pan, Joan He, and Kelly Loy Gilbert 😀

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    1. The idea of auto-reads is really interesting, I haven’t thought about it that way. I’ve moved to getting 80% of the books I read out of the library so I almost never buy books anymore unless I really loved them. So, in a sense, I feel like i also have auto-reads more than auto-buys.


  6. Great post! I love how you defined an auto-buy author as this is also true for me! I used to think I had to buy all their books regardless of the premise, but now it’s more about them appealing to my reading tastes most of the time 😊 I discovered Talia Hibbert last year and I’m making my way through her backlist at the moment 🥰


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