2023 Bookish Goals (reading & blogging)

I’m not someone who likes to set reading and blogging goals because I know that most of the time I completely lose track of them, especially if they are too specific. But here are just a few not-so-specific goals that I want to want to try and accomplish in 2023:

Read a minimum of 52 books

This is my goal every year because I don’t like to put pressure on myself even if I haven’t read less than 100 books in a year in a long time.

Get back to being intentional with my reading

This year I felt really slumpy the entire time and because of that, I was less intentional with my reading choices regarding diversity. The result of that is that my reading this year was less diverse than it has been in a long time and I want to change that, so I’m hoping to read at the very least 50% diverse books every month in 2023.

Post more consistently

At the beginning of 2022, I was doing a good job of posting two times a week, but I took on more responsibilities at my job, and, by the end of the year, I was posting very little and with no consistency. I’m hoping to change that and post at least 1 time every week (I’ll try to make it 2 times)

Do more creative reading/blogging projects

This year some of my favorite posts were when I wrote about reading other people’s favorite books of 2021 (1,2) and when I posted about trying to read 100 pages every day, so I’m hoping to have done more projects like that in 2023.

Host Latinx Book Bingo

Latinx Heritage Month is my favorite month of the year in the bookish community, I love highlighting Latinx authors and I have hosted the Latinx Book Bingo for 5 years and I can’t wait to do it again in 2023.

Be more active in the bookish community

This was one of my goals for 2022 and I completely failed, but I think this is important, so for 2023 I want to comment more on blog posts and youtube videos and see if I’m staying on Twitter or going to another platform and try to interact with the bookish community there,

Do you like setting yearly goals? Do you have bookish goals for 2023?

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13 thoughts on “2023 Bookish Goals (reading & blogging)

  1. I usually don’t set yearly goals because I know my personality type cannot stick to them (lol). I just jot things down to keep in mind and go from there.

    Historically I’d set my Goodreads goals based on the previous year, but I know that’s not going to be realistic for me in 2023. I may put the goal at half of what I read this year, which is currently 107. So, I may put it at 53 or 54 because I like even numbers (lol).

    I’m with you on being intentional with my reading. Hopefully, my reading tracker spreadsheet will help with that.

    Since 2023 will be my first full year blogging, my goals (for now) are:

    -Increase NetGalley Feedback Ration
    -Create more shareable bookish content
    -Be more active in the book community

    Good luck in accomplishing your 2023 goals and keep us posted! It’s encouraging :-).

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  2. i love these goals, sofia!! i’ve been trying to read more intentionally and come up with more fun reading challenges for myself, and they’ve been a lot of fun and made reading a lot more exciting, presonally, so i hope it’s the same for you. good luck!! ❤

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