Life Update, Blogmas 2019 & December TBR | Blogmas Day 1

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Hi everyone! I’m so excited to be back to blogging after a long and unexpected hiatus. I want to start today post by giving you a bit of a life update that kind of explains why I have been gone for a bit.


  • From September 15 to October 15, during Latinx Heritage Month, I hosted and participated in the Latinx Book Bingo and I also participated in the Latinxathon. I loved reading books by Latinx authors and getting to interact with Latinx readers on Twitter during these readathons.
  • Unfortunately, I didn’t read as much as I was hoping. But it was for a great reason, I got the chance to go to Denmark for two weeks o to take a course in the University of Copenhagen (this was the last two weeks of Latinx Heritage Month). I learned a lot, met amazing people and had a lot of fun, but I was incredibly busy and didn’t get the chance to read that much or write blog post. I’ll post my wrap up for the Latinx Book Bingo and the Latinxathon later this week!
  • My trip and the fact that I was busy preparing for it also meant that I didn’t write the series of posts that I had planned to celebrate Latinx Heritage Month. I only posted one before going into the unexpected hiatus: My 5 Favorite YA Books by Latinx Authors
  • After getting back from my trip, I decided to participate in Nanowrimo for the first time and that’s the reason I extended my hiatus past mid-October, because I needed to do a lot of prep work and then I needed to write 50k words in a month
  • Unfortunatly, I failed Nanowrimo. I only wrote 11.000 words, which I’m still happy about because that’s more than I had before starting Nano.
  • I failed because November was an incredible stressful and emotional month for several reasons. First of all, I started to look for a job after a year of living abroad to get my master’s and it has been an anxiety inducing process (good vibes are appreciated since I’m still looking!). And second,  I live in Colombia and we have been protesting against the goverment for about two weeks now and a lot of inspiring and hopeful things have happened but also a lot of hard and painful things have happened as well, which has been extremely draining.
  • Those are the reasons why I have been in hiatus for about two months and even if some of the situations that prompted the hiatus are not resolved, I’m eager to start blogging again, which is why I have an announcement to make!


I’m participating in Blogmas this year! This basically means that I will post everyday from today, December 1st until Christmas day. The fun thing is that I have not prepated at all, I have nothing written and so I’ll be winging it and I’m hoping it’s not a disaster. Tomorrow you are getting a post with my December most anticipated book releases, I hope you check it out!


I have read 139 book in 2019, so I want to read 11 books in December to reach 150 books read. Here are a few  books that I would like to read this month:

I want to read more fantasy, that’s why I chose a few fantasy books that have been on my tbr for a while to read this month:

Are you doing Blogmas this year? Let me know! Also, if you have a recent post that you would like me to check out, link it in the comments!
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Life Update: I’m Back to Blogging! (Ft. trips, school & a new blog design)

life update new

Hi everyone! It’s been a while since I wrote a blog post and I definitely feel out of practice, so be patient with me if this post ends up being a mess.  In case you didn’t notice (I’m pretty sure you didn’t notice) I have been gone for the last two months 😭, which sucks,  but I’m finally back and I’ll be blogging again!

So why was I gone?:

  • The first reason is that I took two wonderful trips: the first one was to Prague and Istanbul, where I got to see some friends that I hadn’t seen in 5 years! I honestly thought I would never see them again since it had been so long, but it was so amazing to get to spend time together again.
  • The second trip was to New York and Tampa! In New York I got to see my family from Colombia that I hadn’t seen in a few months since I have been living in Spain, and I also got to meet a friend, the lovely Jocelyn (Yogiwithabook on Booktube and @joceraptor on Twitter). Also, I went to my cousins wedding in Tampa, which was so much fun!


  • The second reason for my absence was that when I got back to Spain I had to focus on writing my thesis because I was really (REALLY!)  behind, because I left it for the last minute which I do not recommend!. Also, I had to study for my finals at the same time. BUT I’m really happy to report that I passed all of my exams and I finished my thesis on May 31st *cue the confetti*
  • I’m almost done with my master’s degree, I just need to get through my thesis defense in a couple weeks and then I’ll be free. PLEASE SEND ALL OF THE GOOD VIBES!

Now that I’m back you may notice a change in the design of my blog, there’s a new header and new colors and I’m really excited, I had been thinking about doing this for a while because I wasn’t really happy and I wanted a change and now I finally did it! You may also notice a few changes in my posts, I’ll be trying a few new things and I hope you like them!

Also, I didn’t post a wrap up for the last three months and I have read a lot in that time, so look out for the posts where I discuss those books  in the next few days!

If you wrote a blog post in the last two months that you would like me to check out, leave a link in the comments! Also, let me know if you read any amazing books that I absolutely need to get to. 

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Update: I’m back!

life update 2

I have written this post a couple times and then I don’t actually come back to blogging. The last few months have not been the best and I’m a bit unsure about posting this because I feel like I’m complaning and that’s not what I want to do. Nontheless, I do want to share what has happened in my life during this time with whoever is still reading my blog and that’s why I’m posting this. This is going to be a really personal update, because I have been gone entirely do to personal reasons.

  • I think in my last update we left off with the fact that I broke up with my boyfriend after two and a half years together. After that, I had the worst month, my anxiety always gets really bad when I’m in emotional distress, not only was I sad and had terrible anxiety, I got phisically sick. IT WAS LITERALLY THE WORST MONTH. But, after six months, I’m feeling better about the break up.
  • After that I started my internship, which I did not liked at all at the beginning, because I was not learning as much as I wanted to. I’m still not learning as much as I want to, but I have changed my attitude and I’m trying not to be disappointed and frustrated, instead  I’m making the best of the situation and learning what I can. Also, my co-workers are great, so that’s been good.
  • Also, during this six months, I was trying to finish my thesis which was a continous source of anxiety in my life for the last year. BUT NOW IS OVER!!! This is a big reason I’m gonna start blogging again, I finished my thesis and I defended it and the jury approved it! I’M DONE WITH MY THESIS …I REPEAT, I’M DONE WITH MY THESIS!

Internship + thesis + breakup have made this last six months stressful and sad. Also, my anxiety got to uncontrollable levels during this time.Those are the reasons I have not been  blogging and I actually stopped reading as well for a long time.  BUT as I said, I’m feeling better and not everything has been bad, I have been hanging out with my friends a lot, which I love to do, and I met this guy who is great. Also, I finished my thesis, which is fantastic, and things at work have been looking up. My anxiety is better.  AND I have been wanting to blog again after months of not having any desire to do it. So here I am.

In the next weeks, I will be posting my favorite books of the year, most disappointing books, a wrap up, a review. There’s a lot coming and I’m excited to be back. Let me links to your favorite posts of the last few months (that you or other people wrote) I would love to read them! 

Life Update: heartbreak and asking for book recommendations

life update 2

Hi guys! I know I haven’t posted in a while, getting back into blogging consistently has been harder than what I thought it  was gonna be.

I’m sorry, because this post is not gonna be very interesting. This past few weeks have been hard because some things were happening in my relationship with my boyfriend and it was a very sad period of time. Last night, we finally decided to break up after a little over two years together and I have been in a cry fest since then. But this post isn’t about that.  I just wanted to ask for recommendations of books that I can read while going through hearbreak. Here are some of the things I’m looking for:

  • Books that made you laugh or made you happy
  • I usually read New Adult when I’m feeling anxious or sad, so if you have New Adult recommendations, those are welcome as well.
  • The easy to read, make you feel better type of YA Contemporary. ( I just finished When Dimple Met Rishi a few minutes ago and it really distracted me and help me stop feeling sad for a little bit).
  • Some fantasy or sci fi that has a good romance and it’s really entertaining may help as well.
  • If you can think of any other things that makes me feel better, go ahead and tell me below.
  • Also, it can be a movie or tv show that made you laugh or made you happy, or that you  think it would be entertaining and it would distract me right now.

That’s it! Thank you for reading this and please let me your recommendations in the comments.

Life and Blogging Update

life and blogging update

Hi guys! I have been gone for the last three weeks and I wanted to talk about why. I will begin by saying that this is my last semester of classes at uni, I still have to do a 6 month intership and I need to finish my thesis, so I have one semester left after I finish this one in around three weeks. Having said that, one of the main reasons I haven’t been posting that much is because I’m turning in papers for the six courses that I’m currently taking, I have been doing prep for interviwes and I have been working on my thesis.

Well, that’s not actually the reason why. Having so much to do and everything being so urgent made my anxiety so bad that I haven’t sleeping, I have been worring non-stop, I have not been eating that much at times and binge eating at other times, I have been restless, I have been crying a lot, my back has been hurting so much, my chronic digestive problems have been out of control and so many other things.  What I’m trying to say is that my anxiety has been terrible. 

In the middle of april, my ‘solution’ for my anxiety was reading. I know that doesn’t seem so bad! But I was reading books and that made me forget for a little bit and allowed me to ignore a lot of the pressure and most of my responsabilities. The problem was that the fact that I was ignoring that responsabilities didn’t not mean that they disappered. So after two weeks or almost three of ignoring everything, I have spent the last two weeks trying to catch up with everything, which means I have spent two weeks where my anxiety has been so bad that I can barely function and do everything I have to do.

The good news is that I have officially catched up with uni stuff, I went to an interview for an intership that I really want to get last week and it went great (please send me good vibes, they let me know on monday if I got it or not!) and I’m slowly advancing on my thesis (which is better than not advancing at all). I have been doing some things that help with my anxiety like yoga and writing a lot of list and even if it has been terrible, I managed to survive the last couple of days.

So, what does this mean for the blog? Well, I do have finals for the next two weeks. My last finals! Which is exciting even if I want to be done with them. But I feel better and I’m gonna start posting again because I miss it a lot. Actually, I have written this post in my mind a few times, but I haven’t been up to actually typing it thanks to my anxiety and the one time I actually tried to write this, I saw that my last post was published so long ago and that made my feel awful and suddenly I couldn’t bring myself to writing it. I’m so happy of finally writing this!

Thanks for reading it! I know it’s not book related but I just wanted to share this with you guys.

Things I’ve Been Loving Recently: Books, Movies, TV Shows, Music & More

Things I've been loving recently

Today, I thought it would be a good idea to talk about some things that I’ve been loving in 2017, so this post will cover January, February and the first weeks of March.


These are my top 5 books I have read so far in 2017, or at least I think so, it’s just that I have read so many amazing books this year that it was really hard to choose my favorites and I’m still not entirely sure about my picks. My favorite definitely is How to Make a Wish, there’s diversity, a cute love story between two girls, and a honest depiction of a complicated relationship between a mother and a daughter.  Here are my reviews for How to Make a Wish and God Smites and Other Muslim Girl Problems. You can read my thoughts about the other books in my January Wrap Up and my February Wrap Up.

Top 5 winter


I haven’t watch that many movies in 2017, but these 3 are definitely the ones that stand out. My favorite was Hidden Figures, I love stories about women doing amazing things, especially if they are women of color, so I definitely loved this one; the acting was amazing and there’s a scene where Katherine screams at this room full of white people that’s my favorite scene of any movie I have watched this year. A the same time, I think for the cinematography and for the importance of the story, Moonlight is outstanding and I found La La Land entertaining even if I recognize that it’s problematic, mainly I liked the songs.

top 3 winter


I watched a lot of TV Shows and right now I’m behind in most of them, because I have been really busy. The only ones I’m not behind in are Jane the Virgin and Grey’s Anatomy. I’m loving them both; Jane is always great because being latinx myself I can related to a lot of things that happen in the show and Grey’s is one of my favorite show of all times and I’m liking this season so far.

I have started to watch two new shows thia year: one is One Day at a Time, which I found incredibly funny because again being latinx I can related to a lot of things, this show has been great because when my anxiety gets really bad I can watch this and feel a bit better. I have also been watching Big Little Lies. which I’m very intrigued by and I’m enjoying it so far.


This is the playlist of songs I have been loving lately. I’m currently obssesed with Green Light by Lorde.


Here are some booktubers and bloggers I have been loving, go check them out!

One thing that made me happy recently is that T just started her blog Novel Paradise ! I have been following her for a while on Twitter and I’m happy to be able to read her reviews and opinions in her own blog.

I have a new favorite blog and it’s Puput’s blog Sparkling Letters, I discovered her blog recently after moving from blogger  to wordpress and I love all her post.

I just found a new booktuber to follow, she is Adriana @Perpetual Pages and she is a latinx. I’m so excited about that! I don’t enought latinx bootubers and I really need to do it.

As always, I’m ejoying Dana’s videos @The Book Horder. She is one of my favorite booktubers.


I follow a lot of people on Youtube that make covers, I chose the cover of Lost Boy by the Gardiner Sisters because I have been obssesed with it the last month and a half and I chose the cover of Scars to Your Beutiful by Cimorelli because I have been loving it the last week since they posted it. Th fact that they are both groups of sisters is a total coincidence, btw.

That’s it! Those are some of the things that I have been loving lately. Let me know in the coments, if you like any of the things in this list. Also, tell me what things have you been loving recently. I would love to know! 

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Anxiety Sucks A.K.A the reason I have been gone

Hi guys! I’m so glad to be back! If you have been following this blog for a while, you probably know that from time to time I take these unannounced hiatuses. If you haven’t been following that long or you just didn’t notice, I do the ‘unannounced hiatus’ thing from time to time. Usually, when I come back form these hiatuses I say something like “I have been really busy with school,with work,with life in general” or something along those lines. But today I’m writing a really scary post, because I’m gonna share a part of my life that I usually don’t talk about that much. Not even in ‘real’ life (I am getting better at sharing and talking about it in my day to day life with the people around me, but I didn’t use to do it).

So here’s what I want to say, I have had anxiety as long as I can remember. I didn’t always know how to called it or what it was, actually I thought it was ‘normal’ for a long time. In recent years I have come to accept it as a part of my life and I felt I was getting really good at handling it. Nonetheless, the last few months proved me absolutely wrong. My anxiety has been worst than at any other time in my life,  the last two months (a little more, maybe) have been so incredibly hard.
I have always gotten stressed easily, which makes my anxiety so much worst, or my anxiety makes me feel stress easily? I’m not sure. Lately, things have gotten a lot worst. I have been getting stressed by the smallest things and the situation usually gets out of my control SO fast. Within minutes I lose the capability of having rational thoughts and actually looking for solutions to my problems. I just don’t see a way out of them. That’s why things like school,  work, my blog and life in general get so hard for me to handle, and I end up having to give something up -usually my blog- for a while.  On top of all the stress and not seeing a way out for the smallest problems, I have been moody, I have been passing none stop, actually I have been moving none stop (my hands, my feet, I just can’t stop!), I have been feeling like I need to eat every few minutes, I feel like crying several times a day. Honestly, I  have been feeling like my life is getting out of control.
The usual way I release my anxiety is by crying. In the past, I  just started crying when I couldn’t take the feeling of ‘something crawling out of my chest’ anymore. So I would cry for a little bit, not often, just from time to time and I was alright. The first sign that this time my anxiety was getting to a really bad point or at least the first sign that worried me, was that I was having this crying ‘attacks’ -I don’t know how else to called them- more often. More that once a week, which it’s a lot more than normal for me, I would need to cry to feel better and that just doesn’t feel like something healthy to do. At least not anymore.
I always thought that my anxiety was too ‘normal’ – I mean too close to what most people feel in stressful situations- but recentely I have realised that it surpased that point and that I really need to do something about it. I have been doing some things that make me feel better (I will talk about them in another post) and right now, I’m looking at my options regarding  profesional help. It’s just that I’m a really quiet person and it gives me anxiety just to think that I have to go and talk to someone. I don’t know yet,  I’m considering it.  But like I said, for now I have found other ways to feel better. So that’s good! And I’m feeling better, especially since I’m on winter break. So don’t worry!
This got long and way too personal. I hope you don’t mind, I think I just needed to write all of that. I needed to be honest before starting to post the usual bookish things again.  If anyone feels like this and needs to talk, whenever you need, I’m here.