Life Update, Blogmas 2019 & December TBR | Blogmas Day 1

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Hi everyone! I’m so excited to be back to blogging after a long and unexpected hiatus. I want to start today post by giving you a bit of a life update that kind of explains why I have been gone for a bit.


  • From September 15 to October 15, during Latinx Heritage Month, I hosted and participated in the Latinx Book Bingo and I also participated in the Latinxathon. I loved reading books by Latinx authors and getting to interact with Latinx readers on Twitter during these readathons.
  • Unfortunately, I didn’t read as much as I was hoping. But it was for a great reason, I got the chance to go to Denmark for two weeks o to take a course in the University of Copenhagen (this was the last two weeks of Latinx Heritage Month). I learned a lot, met amazing people and had a lot of fun, but I was incredibly busy and didn’t get the chance to read that much or write blog post. I’ll post my wrap up for the Latinx Book Bingo and the Latinxathon later this week!
  • My trip and the fact that I was busy preparing for it also meant that I didn’t write the series of posts that I had planned to celebrate Latinx Heritage Month. I only posted one before going into the unexpected hiatus: My 5 Favorite YA Books by Latinx Authors
  • After getting back from my trip, I decided to participate in Nanowrimo for the first time and that’s the reason I extended my hiatus past mid-October, because I needed to do a lot of prep work and then I needed to write 50k words in a month
  • Unfortunatly, I failed Nanowrimo. I only wrote 11.000 words, which I’m still happy about because that’s more than I had before starting Nano.
  • I failed because November was an incredible stressful and emotional month for several reasons. First of all, I started to look for a job after a year of living abroad to get my master’s and it has been an anxiety inducing process (good vibes are appreciated since I’m still looking!). And second,  I live in Colombia and we have been protesting against the goverment for about two weeks now and a lot of inspiring and hopeful things have happened but also a lot of hard and painful things have happened as well, which has been extremely draining.
  • Those are the reasons why I have been in hiatus for about two months and even if some of the situations that prompted the hiatus are not resolved, I’m eager to start blogging again, which is why I have an announcement to make!


I’m participating in Blogmas this year! This basically means that I will post everyday from today, December 1st until Christmas day. The fun thing is that I have not prepated at all, I have nothing written and so I’ll be winging it and I’m hoping it’s not a disaster. Tomorrow you are getting a post with my December most anticipated book releases, I hope you check it out!


I have read 139 book in 2019, so I want to read 11 books in December to reach 150 books read. Here are a few  books that I would like to read this month:

I want to read more fantasy, that’s why I chose a few fantasy books that have been on my tbr for a while to read this month:

Are you doing Blogmas this year? Let me know! Also, if you have a recent post that you would like me to check out, link it in the comments!
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February TBR (Fantastic February + Contemporaryathon + Catch Up on Classics)

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I usually don’t post tbrs, because I’m a mood reader, but in January I discovered that I can actually stick to them and since I signed up for a bunch of challenges and I’m participating in readathons and I made tbrs of books I needed to read in 2019, I think I’ll start making monthly tbrs. So here are the books I’m hoping to read in February, I’m being VERY ambitious, but I hope to get to all of them!


This is the prompt for February from the Goodreads group, Devour Your TBR, which is run by Destiny @ Howling Library and Kathy @ Books and Munches. You don’t have to be part of the Goodreads group to participate, just check out Kathy’s post.  This month, like you can see from the prompt, we are reading fantasy books and this are the ones I’m hoping to get to: 

The City of Brass by S.A. Chakraborty: I have been meaning to read this one for a long time and the sequel just came out, so I think it’s perfect timing.

And I Darken by Kiersten White: This is one of the books on my list of books to read in 2019, I can’t wait to finally read it!

Strange the Dreamer by Laini Taylor: This book is one of my 5 star predictions, everyone seems to love it, so I’m hoping I’ll love it as well!

The Reader by Traci Chee I’m reading this because Laura @ Green Tea and Paperbacks loves it and talks so much about it that I’m sure I’ll love it as well!

We Set the Dark on Fire by Tehlor Mejia: One of my most anticipated releases of the year. I’m so excited for a F/F Latinx Fantasy/Dystopia!

The Wicked King by Holly BlackI’m almost half way thorugh this one! It was one of my most anticipated releases of Janaury, but I didn’t manage to actually read it last month.

King of Scars by Leigh Bardugo: Another of my most anticipated releases of January that I didn’t get to, I need to catch up!


This readathon is hosted by  ChelseaJulieNatasha, and Mel, the goal is to read Contemporary books and there are seven challenges that I will be trying to complete. Since it’s Black History Month, I decided to try to choose books with Black main characters and written by Black authors for most of the prompts of this readathon! Here are the ones I ended up choosing:

Read your most recently acquired contemporary novel – On The Come Up by Angie Thomas: Okay, so I haven’t acquired this book yet, but the Contemporaryathon is taking place one week after the release of this book and since I’m buying it as soon as it comes out, this will be my most recently acquired book.

Read a book with plurple (blue or purple) on the cover – Black Enough by Various Authors: This was one of my most anticipated releases of January and I decided to read it in Febuary instead of January, because it fits this prompt perfectly.

Read a diverse contemporary – Piecing Me Together y Renée Watson: I have been meaning to read this book for a long time and it’s finally time to get to it!

Read a dark or taboo contemporary – Sadie by Courtney SummersThis is one of  the 2018 releases I want to read in 2019  and it’s also on my 5 star predictions. This was the first book that I thought about when I read this prompt and I have high expectations, so hopefully I’ll love it.

Read a contemporary you meant to read in 2018 but didn’t get to – Dear Martin by Nic Stone: This book was in my 2017 releases I want to read in 2018 and I didn’t get to it, so I feel like it fits this prompt perfectly.

Read a contemporary in a non-traditional format- The Backstagers Vol. 2 by James Tynion IV, Rian Sygh (illustrator)I read an arc of volume 1 a while back and really enjoyed it, so I’m excited to continue on. Here’s my review of volume 1.

Read a contemporary with a picture on the spine- Love, Hate & Other Filters by Samira AhmedI’m buddy reading this with Laura @ Green Tea and Paperbacks and some other people and I’m so excited!


Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë: This is February’s book for Catch Up On Classics, I have been meaning to read it for a while, but I find it really intimidating, so I have been postponing it and now it’s finally time to read it!

The Disasters by M. K. England: I’m the worst, I was supposed to be part of the blog tour for this book in December, but my mental health wasn’t the best when I was supposed to read and review this, so I didn’t get to it. Now, it’s finally time to do it!

Unbroken  by Various Authors: I’m reading this one for a blog post I’m writing and I can’t wait for you to see it!

Are You Seeing Me? by Darren Groth: I’m also reading this one for a blog post, which you will see soon!

Are you participating in any of these readathons or challenges? What are you planning to read in February? Are any of these books on your tbr? Have you read any of them? 

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