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March 2017 Wrap Up


Against all odds, I read 6 books in March. One of them was a super short poetry collection, but the other five were full novels and all five of them were diverse books. Today I’m gonna talk about them!

march 2017 wrap up

1.Coffee Boy by Austin Chant (4,3 stars)

This is a short, interesting and cute  romance book that explores really important topics, especially related to trans issues. Also, Coffee Boy is  #ownvoices, both the main character and the author are trans men. This book has positive bisexual representation, as well. One of the things I enjoyed the most is the romance, seeing how the relationship between Kieran and Seth developed was amazing.

2.The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas (5 stars) 

I don’t even know how to put into words how amazing this books is. The Hate U Give is an #ownvoices book about the Black Lives Matter movement, this is such a heartbreaking book and it’s really hard to read because the situations the characters end up in are so enraging. At the same time, it has amazing family dynamics, great friendships, it has interesting storylines for all the characters and it has great representation.

3. Under Rose-Tainted Skies by Louise Gornall (4,5 stars) 

Anothe book that I really really loved. Under Rose-Tainted Skies is an #ownvoices book about a girl that has agoraphobia, anxiety and OCD. I think the way that was handled was believable  and sensitive. Norah, the main character, is interesting and funny and Luke, the love interest, is respectful and kind. I really liked the fact that this book doesn’t treats love as a cure for a mental illness.

4. The House on Mango StreetThe House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros (3,4 stars) 

I thought the storie in this book were so important, but I didn’t like the writing style at all and because of that I felt like I couldn’t connect with the narrator or the stories that much. I still understood the messages the stories were trying to convey, but I didn’t enjoy the reading experience.

5. Future Leaders of Nowhere by Emily O’Beirne (4,2 stars)

I received this book from the publisher in exchange of a honest review. This is an amazing book about two girl, one is bisexual and the other is Indian-Australian and a lesbian. This book has an interesting setting and premise, it’s a mix between a summer camp and a Model UN. Which means there’s outdoorsy activities and, at the same time, each group represents a State that has resources, territory, population and the different groups have to negotiate between themselves to better their positions. It’s an interesting book that adresses important subject thorughout.

caught in the quiet

Caught in the Quiet by Rod McKuen (2 stars) 

I ended up reading this book because I had 30 minutes before my friend picked me up at the library. I was looking for a really short book to read in that time and the title of this poetry collection caught my eye. Sadly, I have to say that this was extremely disappointing. It was cheesy and mediocre at best.


  Have you read any of these books? Did you enjoy them? Do you want to read any of them? Let me know in the comments! 

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#ownvoices · Diverse Books · wrap up

February 2017 Wrap Up


I don’t know how but I managed to read 10 books in February, and ,what’s even more exciting, 9 of those books were diverse. This is gonna be a bit of a long post, so let’s talk about the books!


God Smites and Other Muslim Girl Problems by Ishara Deen (4,2 stars) 

I recieved this book from the author and I’m extremely grateful to her. This is a funny, charming and interesting book. The main character, Asiya,has a unique voice that shines throughout the whole story. Also, the humour is absolutely brilliant and that comes from being honest and outspoken about things that are not often talked about in YA. Here’s my review.

Stalking Jack the Ripper by Kerri Maniscalco (4,2 stars) 

I recieved this book when it first came out and I’m ashamed to say I didn’t read it until recently. This book is atmospheric, it has a creepy vibe that captures the attention of the reader, while also having amazing main characters that are intelligent, funny and complex. The only flaw is that it’s easy to guess who Jack the Ripper is.

The Skating Rink by Roberto Bolaño (3,2 stars)

I read this in my purse of reading more Latin American authors, my boyfriend and one of my best friends love Roberto Bolaño and that’s why I ended up reading his book. The story is told from the perspective of 3 men, it’s an internal monologue of what they think and how they see women in their lives and it isn’t entertaining or insightful. By the end of the book, the reader doesn’t have an idea of who these women actually are, only the ideas these men create about them. Also, this is a mystety and it becomes really predictable after halfway through the book. The one great thing about this book is the writing. Roberto Bolaño is definitely talented with words.

If the Dress Fits by Carla de Guzman (4 stars) 

This book is funny and cute. The main character, Martha, is plus sized and she has a positive relationship with her weight and that makes this story really valuable.  The book is set in the Philippines and the cultural aspects are very fasicnating and insightful. Also, there ‘s fake dating and the best friends to lovers trope in this story, which allows some emotional moments and makes this book really swoony.

Well Played by Katrina Ramos Atienza (3,4 stars)

This is a Pride and Prejudice retelling set in a university in the Philippine and learning a little bit about how things work in their educational system is entertatining. The characters are interesting enough and the romenace is good even if it takes way too long to start moving forward. The main problem with this book is that it’s too short and that makes the ending feel a bit rush.


Tell Me Again How a Crush Should Feel by Sara Farizan (I didn’t give it a rating)

This book has really problematic content; there are biphobic comments, ableist comment,  a woc is called ‘exotic’ repeately and there are a lot of other issues. At the same time, this is #ownvoices, the author shared the sexuality and ethnicity of the main character. The few things I liked about this book were that it has a lesbian Persian main character, her family and their culture were big parts of the book, her friends were great and the love story we get at the very end was cute. I’m really conflicted about this book and I think I wouldn’t recommend it.

The Backstagers by James Tynion IV & Rian Sygh ( 4Stars)

This is a cute and short graphic novel that has a diverse cast of character and great representation. Also, it has mystery and fantastical elements that make it interesting and intriguing.Here’s my review.

How to Make a Wish by Ashley Herring Blake ( 4,5 stars) 

I recieved an ARC of this book in exchange of an honest review. This book has an amazing romance, Grace and Eva are so cute! Grace is bisexual and Eva is a biracial lesbian girl, these topics are address in a sensitive and thoughtful way; this book is a great example of representation done right. Another good thing about the book is the story of Grace and her mom, which is raw and complicated and told with so much honesty.

Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie (4,2 stars)

This book is about a love story, pure and simple. There are a lot of important subjects discussed, especially race, but at its core I feel this is a love story. A beautifully written love story that can be slow at times, but that by the end it has the reader engrossed. It is defenitely a character driven story, the main character Ifemelu is really complex and kind of intriguing, while the plot is a simpler one.

Every Heart a Doorway by Seanan McGuire (4,3 stars)

This is a odd book that has a really fascinating premise.  Hearing about all the different lands the kids went to was incredibly entertaining and the diverse cast of characters, both in terms of LGBTQ+ community and POC’s is represented in a thoughtful and considerate way.

  Have you read any of these books? Did you enjoy them? Do you want to read any of them? Let me know in the comments! 

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January 2017 Wrap Up – Dumbledore’s Army Readathon & #DiverseAThon


This month I participated in two readathon revolving around diversity. I did ok in one of them, but completely failed in the other. At the end, I read seven books in January, six of them for the readathons and another one for a buddy read. The reviews for all of these books will be posted in the next few of weeks.

1. Dumbledore’s Army Readathon

At the beginning of the month I participated in the #DAReadathon and I had so much fun chatting with people on twitter about the books I was reading. There were 7 promps, so that means participants were supposted to read 7 books. I didn’t accomplish that goal, I read 5 books and started the 6th. This readathon took place in my last days of uni break and I thought that I was gonna have a lot of time to read, but I ended up going on several trips and that took a lot of my reading time. Nonetheless, I felt I did a good job.

Redefining Realness by Janet Mock  (4,3 stars)

A beautifully written memoir of a trans woman of color. This book is captivating, honest and touching. Here’s my review.

When Reason Breaks by Cindy L. Rodriguez (4,4 stars)

This book  portraits depression through the stories of two main characters that experience this mental illness in very different ways and that it’s definitely the thing that makes this book incredibly important, as well as unique. Something else that I really like about it is all the Emily Dickinson poems and references; they add so much to the story. Here’s the full review.

Delicious Temptation by Sabrina Sol (3 stars)

The main characters of this book are latinxs and the story revolves around traditional latinx food and desserts. Even if that sounds amazing, the characters end up being really two dimentional and that means that, if we take the traditional food and random spanish phrases, it was hard to tell they are latinxs at all. Here’s the full review.


Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? by Mindy Kaling (3 stars)

I was expecting this book to be funnier and I was expecting it to be more about Mindy’s job in The Office and about her writing. Even if this books talks about those things, it also spends way to much time in Mindy’s childhood and teen years, and I didn’t find that part entertaining at all.

An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir (4 stars)

This book is intense and nerve wracking; as a reader you spend the entire time worried about the characters. The plot isn’t entirely unique, but the setting makes it feel refreshing and intresting. The main characters are captivating and the villains are intriguing. I can’t wait to read the sequel.


I completely failed at DiverseAThon, I was hoping to read 3 book and ended up only reading one. Also, I didn’t have time to participate in the twitter chats.  But the one book I read was really good, so at the end, it wasn’t so bad.


Not Your Sidekick by C.B. Lee (4 stars)

A cute book with a biracial, bisexual main character, a trans character, an interesting post-apocalyptic world, amazing conversations about gender and sexual orientation,  villains that are not so evil and heroes that are not so good. If that sounds like sometime you would like, I totally recommend it.

3. Buddy Read as part of Read with Marines 

A booktuber I think you may know called Marines hosts really casual  buddy reads and for January she choose a book I was really excited to read and that’s why I decided to join in.



My Brilliant Friend by Elena Ferrante (4,2 stars)

An amazing book about a complicated friendship, that deals with a variety of topics from poverty and the connection it has with education to war enemies living in the same neighborhood after the war ends. A complex story, with a lot characters, written in a beautiful yet simple way. Here’s the full review.

Have you read any of these books? Did you like them? What did you read this month? 

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December 2016 Wrap Up



The Secret Diary of Lizzie Bennet by Bernie Su & Kate Rorick (4 stars)

I read this because I had watched the web series and I loved it. I definitely enjoyed this companion novel as well. A thing that I really liked in both the web series and the book is the diversity that was added to the original story, because some of the main characters were asian and that makes it more relatable. Also, I liked the writing, the humor and the romance.


Ruin and Rising by Leigh Bardugo (4,5 stars)

I think this was a great conclusion to the series, I had been hesitant to read this because I had heard mixed comments, but I think it improved the one thing that had made me not like the other books as much: I felt like Alina and Mal finally had some agency, their decisions were theirs, no one else was controlling them or taking the shots.


Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo (4,3 stars)

Heist stories aren’t really my thing, but I really enjoyed this book anyway because the characters were so amazing. This book was full of diverse and complex characters, which kept me engrossed in the story; I ended up rooting for them even when I knew some of their decisions and actions were wrong.


Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo (4 stars)

I actually liked the first book more. After spending so many time in the planning, the deceit, the trickery, I felt like the ending was rushed. The characters continued to be the strong point in these series, the character development was really good and the relationship between the characters evolved in an organic waym they weren’t rushed.

labyrinth-lostLabyrinth Lost by Zoraida Córdova (4,2 stars)

I loved reading this book and it made me even more centaint abput how much representation and diversity matter. Even when the cultural background, traditions and belief sistem are not exactly the same as mine, they do share a lot of similarities and I loved being able to relate certain parts of the book to cultural traditions of my country. Also, I loved the writing and I felt connected to the magic and world that Zoraida Córdova created.

Run by Kody Keplinger (4,3 stars)run

I loved the experience of reading this book, I knew before reading it that this was a #ownvoices book and it was interesting to read about a legally blind character and feel like I was actually understanding a bit better what it is like live as a legally blind person.  I could feel the authenticity in the way the story was told and that made this book something special. I think Kody Keplinger also portrayed female friendship and bisexuality in a very postive way.


In Order to Live by Yeonmi Park (4 stars)

This book was hard to read, because the whole time you know this actually happend to a girl, you know it happens to a lot of girls all over the world. Even when I knew how important this book is and how heartbreaking what I was reading was; I felt like the writing didn’t fit the book, it didn’t let me connect with the story as much as I wanted to.


I found a lot of the poems in this collection very relatable and powerful. I bookmarked a lot of them, my favorite poems were for the most part about women, about how wonderful and strong we are; but a few of the other poems I loved dealt with death, abuse and suicide.There’s a broad variaty of themes in these collection and a consistency in the quality of the poems.


This was a good book, but I think I would have liked it more if I was new to feminism and feminist ideas when I read it. I feel like this is a good introduction, but it’s so short that it’s just that, an introduction, and it only explores very basic ideas about gender. I understand that that was the purpose, but I was expecting a bit more.


This was not as funny as I was expecting it to be. Actually, this wasn’t what I was expecting it to be, period.  I was really disappointed while I was reading this book, there were only a few that I actually thought were entertaining or bizare enough that I enjoyed them. Also, I felt like the art didn’t add anything to the book.


This book was really funny and it dealt with a lot of the stereotypes that people have about Muslims and their love lives, while being respectful, honest and entertaining. That may have to do with the fact that this is an #ownvoices book. Another thing that I loved about the book was that female relationships have such a central place throughout it.

I loved this book so much, it was funny and charming and the writing was amazing. I loved the way it adressed intersectionality and how it works (or doesn’t) in broader movements. My favorite thing about this book was Juliet; having a latinx characters that felt so incredibly authentic almost made me want to cry tears of happiness. Also, the way in which it adressed queerness was brilliant.


Scrappy Little Nobody by Anna Kendrick (3,5 Stars)

So many times when I read memoirs of famous people, they focus so much on silly anecdotes of their childhood and honestly, I wish they would tell us about their jobs that’s the why I’m reading the book. I want to know how you got where you are, I want to know anecdotes of you on set and so many other things. I felt this book was full of a lot of stories I didn’t find interesting or funny and way too little about her job as an actress.


The thing is I loved some of the poems in this collection, I bookmarked a lot of them, but the ones I didn’t love were really disappointing. There wasn’t a consistency in the quality of the poems, I either loved them or didn’t care about them.

 Have you read any of these books? Did you enjoy them? Let me know in the comments! 
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September/October/November Wrap Up

I was gone for a bit and that means I haven’t posted wrap ups in the last three months. I thought it was a good time to catch up! 

1. Be with Me by Jennifer L.  Armentrout (3 stars) 

I didn’t remember reading this book until I read the sypnosis and what I remember is really vague.  So I think that says enough about it. I don’t think there was anything particulary wrong with it, I just didn’t find anything special in it either. 

2. Ciudad de Payasos  (City of Clowns) by Daniel Alarcon & Sheila Alvarado (5 Stars)

I loved this graphic novel! A latinamerican author and a latinoamerican ilustrator telling an  interesting and heartfelt story with an amazing portrait of Peru. If you want to read it, there’s a english version. 

3. Fear the Drowning Deep by Sarah Gleen Marsh (4 Stars) 

I was part of the blog tour for this book. I really liked it, it was a very atmospheric book. You can check my review here.

4. Undecided by Julianna Keyes (3,5 stars)

I liked this one, it was really funny and if you don’t read the sypnosis, your gonna find that something happens that it’s not really what you would expect from a new adult book. 

5. Empire of Storms by Sarah J. Maas (5 stars) 

I loved this! I can recognize the problematic aspects of this book, but I still loved reading it (and I don’t know how to feel about that). Anyway, I love Sarah’s writing and I love the fact that this book was full of dramatic moments, I always love books were the characters know how to put on a ‘show’ and where symbolism is so important. 

6-15. Addicted to You/ Calloway Sisters Series by Krista and Becca Riccie (Overall rating: 4.5 – 4.7 stars)

I read this series for the first time in july and I loved it! So, I re-read it at the end of october and beginning of november. This is my favortie new adult series. Before re-reading it, I had only re-read the Harry Potter series. I have never re-read other book or series in my life, so that’s how much I loved this series, and what surprised me most was that I loved it more the second time around. Check what I said about it before, here.

16. The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath (3,7 stars) 

Finally! After 3 tries I finally read this. I have to say that some things felt really relatable to be at this particular time in my life. The writing was great and  the way mental illness was talked about was right, I don’t know how else to put it, it was just right. It has a dislikeble main characters, but her story is still very interesting. 

RockMyTBR:  The Bell Jar (19/12)
Flights of Fantasy: Empire of Storms, Fear the Drowning Deep  ( 22/ 30 )
Backlist Books: The Bell Jar, Ciudad de Payasos, Be with Me (50/ 20)

Finishing the Series:   (2/3-6)  

I have one month left and I need to read 6 fantasy  books to finish the FOF challenge (I already read 2 more fantasy books in december), I’m surprise because I didn’t think that reading 30 fantasy book was gonna be a problem for me, but I had a fantasy reading slump for a while. Another spoiler, I already acomplish the Finish the Series challenge.  I only need to read those 6 fantasy books to complete all my reading challenges. I’m excited! I think I can make it. 

Have you read any of this books? Did you ike them? Tell me what books did you read and loved lately! Also, how are you doing with your challenges for this year? Do you think you are gonna complete them? 
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August 2016 Wrap Up

August was a really interesting reading month for me because without meaning to (at least at the beginning) I only read new-to-me authors, which was really exciting because I didn’t know what to expect, except for what other people had told me. Also, August was a very stressful month for me with uni stuff and things in my personal life, and when that happens I always end up reading contemporaries, both YA and NA. So that’s all I read this month (with one exception).

A recommendation before you read this wrap up: don’t pay so much attention to my ratings and focus on what I said about the book, because I was really harsh with ratings this month. The things is, I read this amazing series recently and I’m so obssesed with it that it set the bar really high for contemporaries, both NA and YA. I’m just saying I was harsh with my rating this month. 

Without further ado, here are the books I read this month:

Poems by Maya Angelou (3,7 stars)

I usually have a hard time with poetry, but this collection was so good. I’m not saying I ‘got’ all of it, but most of it I did get and I enjoyed it a lot. Really haunting and profund. 

The Start of Me and You by Emery Lord (3,5 Stars) 

I really enjoyed this; it was cute and funny, even if it didn’t have anything that unique about it. Great female friendship and family relationships. Perfect to read when you are stressed or sad. Here’s my review

Open Road Summer by Emery Lord (3 Stars) 

I felt like there was something missing in this book; but there was still an amazing female friendship and the romance was good, even if it didn’t blow me away. Here’s my review

P.S. I Like You by Kasie West (3,5 stars)

This was a book I was highly anticipating. I found the concept incredibly interesting and I really liked the romance. I will definetely read more Kasie West in the future. 

Wait for You by J. Lynn (3 Stars)

I really liked Cam, the main male character, and his family. The romance was alright. I didn’t particulary like the main female character, Avery, but she wasn’t terrible. I actually don’t have that much more to say about this, but I still want to read the next book. So I don’t know how to feel about it. 

I also read The Proposal by J.Lynn, which is twitter fiction about Cam and Avery and took place after Wait for You. (3 stars)

The Deal by Elle Kennedy (3,5 Stars) 

I really liked the main characters in this book and the romance was so good. This book had something really unique about it and it’s the fact that miscommunication wasn’t used to creat drama. Also, hot and stemy scenes. Overall, I really enjoyed this and would recommend it to anyone who likes NA. Here’s my review

The Hook Up by Kristen Callihan ( 2,8 stars) 

I don’t entirely remember why this got such a low rating, but I think this was entertaining. I wouldn’t say don’t read it, it just  that in a stream of books that were pretty similar, this wasn’t my favorite. 

Him by Sarina Bowen and Ellen Kennedy (3,2 Stars)
This book was so cute; Jamie and Wes were so perfect for each other. Also, it was really hot, like really, really hot. I loved how the LGBTQ aspect was handled, how it was discussed. YOU SHOULD READ THIS! 

Smut by Karina Halle (2,8 Stars) 

This book had an interesting concept that could have been executed better, or I don’t know if it was because I was expecting something different. A book about two characters writing erotica together, sounded really cool. But I thought it was gonna be more like,  let’s wirte a book that’s good and that it happens to have sex in it, but it turn out to be let’s make a bad book full of cliches so it sells. Aso, it was not as hot and stemy as I wanted it to be.  

Chase me by Tessa Bailey (2,8 stars) 

There was insta-love and there was only like 2 steamy scenes in the entire book. Also, it was really short, so there wasn’t that much time to be invested in the characters lifes and the romance as I said was really inta-lovey, and because it was so short, it felt like this book ended really abruptly. 

RockMyTBR:  P.S I Like You, Maya Angelou’s Poems (18/12)
Flights of Fantasy: This is so weird, but I didn’t read fantasy this month  ( 20/ 30 )
Backlist Books: Maya Angelou’s Poems, Him, Wait for You, Open Road Summer, The Deal, The Start of Me and You     (47/ 20)
Finishing the Series:   (2/3-6)  

Have you read any of these books? Did you enjoy them? Leave me links to your August wrap up, I would love to check them out! 

wrap up

July 2016 Wrap Up

July was a really interesting reading month for me; I spent the first week and a half reading a really long book, then I participated in a readathon and read 3 and half books, and lasty I became obsessed with a 10 books series and I read all the books in a week and a half. If you know your math that means I read 14 books in a month. I can’t believe it! I have never read 14 books in a month in my life and I’m really excited about it! 

A Clash of Kings by George R.R. Martin (4 stars)
I want to say this one thing: I LOVE TYRION! He is favorite characters of the series. With that said, this book was told from multiple POV’s, most of them were POV’s that were in book 1 so I already liked them and most of the new POV’s I enjoyed as well. My main problem with this book was  the chapters told from Theon’s POV, he was a new narrator because his pov wasn’t in the first book and I found him to be really boring, which is weird because in this series even the bad guys I find really interesting and the only character that I have not enjoyed so far is Theon. Anyway, great writing, complex world and interesting character for the most part. This was really good! 

The next 3 books I read for the Make Me Read It Readathon, my goal was to read at least 4 books during the readathon, but the books I chose were a bit long so that wasn’t possible. Also, I also read half of The Lies of Locke Lamora by Scott Lynch, but I was not enjoying it that much and it was pretty long, so after the readathon ended I decided to stop reading it and maybe go back to it at another time. So here are the 3 books I read:

Passenger by Alexandra Bracken (3,7 stars)

I think this book had a lot of potencial and even if I did end up enjoying it, I was expecting so much more. The characters were good but not incredible, I felt like there was something missing and I couldn’t develop a strong connection to them. The time travel was explained  in a very superficial way but that did not take away from the story, because it was more about the dynamic between time travelers than about time travel itself. Also, the time traveled to some interesting places and times at the beginning, but then there were some other places and times that were not as interesting. 

Siege and Storm by Leigh Bardugo (3,8 stars) 

My main problem with this book is that I think the characters weren’t fully fleshed out and they weren’t distinctive at all, especially Alina and Mal, they got drag were the plot needed them and they didn’t have any agency. If you took away her powers and his tracker skills, they both have such a basic and half-done personality. A lot of thing happened in the first 30% of this book and then almost nothing until the very end. Nonetheless, I flew through this and I’m pretty sure it was Leigh Bardugo’s writing, which allowed me to lose myself in it. When I got to the last part of the book, I was actually surprised by some of the things that happened which is always good.

I’ve Got Your Number by Sophie Kinsella (3,7 stars) 

After reading a few Sophie Kinsella books, I feel like the main characters of her novels are variations of the same character, which is a bit annoying. Nonetheless, I always have fun reading her books, I end up laughing out loud which doesn’t happen that often. In this book, the romance was really good and there was a very beautifully written scene in the woods. 

Addicted/ Calloway Sisters series by Krista and Becca Ritchie
(My overall rating for this series is around 4 stars)
These series were incredibly character driven, which I love, and that made me become completely obsessed with the characters so I couldn’t stop reading, I finished a book and immediately picked up the next one. These series dealt with so many important subjects like consent, sex addiction, PTSD, alcoholism, OCD, depression, self-worth, the power of the media, and all of them were handled so well and all of those things made the dynamic between the characters really complex and interesting. But what these series were really about was love and family, and it was really beautiful. (I will post my series review soon, but for now, I made a Let’s Put Music to the Book post for these series.   
RockMyTBR:  A Clash of Kings, I’ve Got Your Number, Siege and Storm, Passenger  (16/12)
Flights of Fantasy: A Clash of KingsPassenger, Siege and Storm ( 20/ 30 )
Backlist Books: A Clash of Kings, 8 of the books in the addicted/Calloway Sisters series, I’ve Got Your Number, Siege and Storm   (41/ 20)
Finishing the Series:   (2/3-6)  

Have you read any of these books? Did you enjoy them? Leave me links to your june wrap up, I would love to check them out!