17 thoughts on “Favorite Romance Books of 2020 So Far

  1. no joke! i was so excited to see this post because i have been craving some good contemporaries!! i didnt realize that i already have only when its us on my goodreads tbr shelf so thank you for the reminder, but i added more to that never ending list LOL great post friend!

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  2. You will never know the speed with which I clicked on this post, lol. I’ve been wanting to read more romances and you definitely helped me add a few more to my TBR! I keep seeing the Talia Hibbert one on book twitter and it sounds awesome!

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  3. This list is incredible and has SO many great books on it. I read all of Talia Hibbert’s books this year so this is everything. Lol

    I haven’t read Only When It’s Us or The Trouble with Hating You yet but they’re both on my TBR. ❤


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